Stephen Colbert on his 'gratitude' for the pain of grief and the worst thing that ever happened to him

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(From left) "The Late Show" big   Stephen Colbert and CNN anchor Anderson Cooper discussed however  losing adjacent  household  members astatine  an aboriginal  property  has impacted them.

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In a profoundly idiosyncratic and intimate speech astir nonaccomplishment and grief connected Anderson Cooper’s caller podcast All There Is, “The Late Show” big Stephen Colbert opened up astir the value of “learning to emotion the happening you astir privation had ne'er happened.”

Colbert, who is the youngest of 11 siblings, mislaid his begetter and 2 teenage brothers Peter and Paul, successful a level clang adjacent Charlotte, North Carolina, connected September 11, 1974. He was conscionable 10 years aged astatine the time.

“That is specified a cliff that I fell disconnected emotionally and psychically and spiritually astatine that age,” helium said.

Cooper was besides 10 erstwhile helium mislaid his begetter successful 1978 astatine property 50 aft a bosom attack. Ten years later, Cooper’s brother, Carter, died by suicide.

Colbert told Cooper the nonaccomplishment of his begetter and brothers “shattered” his and his mother’s lives, but it did not “destroy” them. “It’s a acquisition to exist,” Colbert told Cooper, “and with beingness comes suffering. There’s nary escaping that, but if you are grateful for your life, past you person to beryllium grateful for each of it.”

Colbert went connected to say, “You can’t triumph against grief due to the fact that you’re the 1 doing it to you. Grief itself is simply a earthy process that has to beryllium experienced.”

Cooper admitted helium ever assumed helium would beryllium dormant by property 50, similar his father. He was acrophobic if helium had children, they would turn up fatherless.

After helium had turned 50 and received assurances from his doc that helium was successful bully health, Cooper said he felt safer having kids. He present has 2 young sons, Wyatt and Sebastian.

Similarly, Colbert shared that due to the fact that helium had ne'er experienced beingness with a begetter past the property of 10, helium viewed his ain mortality done the ages of his 3 children and said that helium would perpetually bash “that horrible mathematics each the time,” fearing helium would dice arsenic each approached the property of 10.

Colbert has learned to judge his losses, but describes his grief arsenic “like surviving with a beloved tiger. It tin astonishment you, it tin pounce connected you. And it tin truly wounded you, but it’s my tiger, and it’s going to unrecorded arsenic agelong arsenic I do.”

Colbert counseled Cooper, who said helium is inactive trying to recognize his grief, to speech astir his loved ones and stock stories of their lives. Instead of reasoning of grief arsenic a trap of depression, Colbert said helium tries to look astatine it arsenic a doorway, “because you’re going to beryllium a antithetic idiosyncratic connected the different broadside of it.”

Since his podcast’s debut past week, Cooper has received thousands of messages from listeners penning astir their ain journeys done nonaccomplishment and wherefore it is truthful important to yet speech astir it retired loud.

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