Stephen Colbert Pokes Trump Right In His Sorest Of All Sore Spots

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Stephen Colbert spotted a infinitesimal successful a caller interrogation wherever Donald Trump admitted that there’s an insult helium truly doesn’t like.

The erstwhile president told the Christian Broadcasting Network that helium took a cognitive trial due to the fact that helium didn’t similar being called “stupid.”

As Colbert noted, the exam does not measurement quality but looks for signs of cognitive impairment.

Trump, however, crowed astir passing.

“It was an astonishing thing,” helium said, suggesting it forced his critics to admit to his intelligence. “They present telephone maine a dictator and different things, but they don’t telephone you stupid.”

Colbert was stunned into soundlessness for astir 8 seconds.

“He thinks we don’t telephone him stupid?” helium yet said, past dramatically turned to different camera for a closeup. “What a moron!”

See much successful his Thursday nighttime monologue:

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