Stephen Colbert Rips Trump ‘Toady’ Hannity: ‘Your Boot Tastes Delicious, Mr. President’

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Stephen Colbert returned to “The Late Show” connected Monday aft a conflict with COVID-19 to teardrop into Fox News big Sean Hannity amid caller revelations astir however intimately helium coordinated with Donald Trump’s White House operations.

Hannity texted Mark Meadows, past main of unit nether erstwhile President Trump, connected Election Day successful 2020 to inquire however helium could help. When told to propulsion turnout, Hannity replied, “Yes sir,” and asked wherever specifically helium should promote voters.

“That is simply a shocking level of toadyism adjacent for a feline who looks similar a bullfrog,” Colbert said. “But he’s conscionable surviving up to the Fox News slogan, ‘We report, you determine what we should say. And by the way, your footwear tastes delicious today, Mr. President.’”

Colbert besides played a clip of Hannity defending himself by claiming he’s “like the full newspaper.”

“Yes, Sean Hannity is conscionable similar a newspaper,” Colbert said. “Out of date, atrocious for the planet, and lone applicable to radical implicit 70, and I’d emotion to spot a puppy poop connected him.”

See much successful Colbert’s Monday nighttime monologue:

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