Stephen Colbert Spots New Trump Claim 'So Crazy' Even Sean Hannity Was Confused

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Stephen Colbert spotted what whitethorn person been the wildest infinitesimal successful a Donald Trump interview. His remark was genuinely bizarre ― adjacent by the erstwhile president’s standards ― and it wasn’t adjacent the 1 getting each the attention.

During an interrogation this week with Fox News big Sean Hannity, Trump claimed that helium had the powerfulness to declassify documents with his mind. But Colbert noted that Trump said thing adjacent crazier, telling Hannity that the FBI whitethorn person searched his Mar-a-Lago location looking for erstwhile caput of authorities Hillary Clinton’s emails.

“That’s truthful crazy, helium confused Sean Hannity,” Colbert said. “And Sean comes pre-confused.”

Colbert added:

“At this point, he’s conscionable throwing retired magnetic conspiracy theories astatine the refrigerator to spot what they spell out: ‘Um, possibly they were looking successful my basement for the Sasquatch who changeable JFK with Hunter Biden’s laptop with his spouse the chupacabra who hung Jeffrey Epstein with Barack Obama’s long-form commencement certificate chemtrails.’”

See much successful his Thursday nighttime monologue:

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