Stephen Colbert Spots Trump Acolyte Kari Lake's Most Baffling Election Claim Yet

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Stephen Colbert spotted a genuinely unusual infinitesimal successful a code fixed by Kari Lake, the conspiracy theorist and Republican campaigner for politician successful Arizona who was endorsed by erstwhile President Donald Trump.

Lake declared that determination was fraud successful Tuesday’s superior ― before the ballot was adjacent held. Lake past claimed triumph successful the strangest mode possible: She said hardly immoderate votes had been counted yet she had won 7 retired of each 10 predetermination time votes.

“That is massive! And those votes are not counted yet. There is nary way to triumph for my opponent, and we won this race, period,” she said.

“I’m sorry, what? What’s happening?” Colbert asked, past tried to summarize: “She said the votes were hardly counted. Then she said she was winning 7 retired of 10. Then she said the votes were not counted yet. Then she said she won.”

Then helium showed however that logic might’ve played retired during the Super Bowl successful his Wednesday nighttime monologue:

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