Stephen Colbert Taunts Dr. Oz’s ‘Garden State Ass’ Over Embarrassing Campaign

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Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman (D) won’t halt trolling Republican rival, Dr. Mehmet Oz, successful the contention for the Senate ― and “Late Show” big Stephen Colbert can’t get capable of it.

Fetterman has been describing Oz arsenic an out-of-touch personage who’s mostly lived successful New Jersey. Or, arsenic Colbert enactment it: “Fetterman has gone afloat troll connected Oz’s Garden State ass.”

Fetterman has recruited respective New Jersey celebs to nonstop messages to Oz, specified arsenic rocker/actor Steven Van Zandt.

“You’re a small retired of your league,” Little Steven says successful the video. “Nobody wants to spot you get embarrassed.”

Colbert begged to differ.

“Counterpoint,” Colbert said, raising his manus aft the video. “I do.”

See much successful his Thursday nighttime monologue:

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