Steve Bannon Does His Perp Walk, And The Twitter Snark Is Arresting

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Steve Bannon’s apprehension connected Thursday successful transportation with an allegedly fraudulent scheme to physique a partition connected the U.S. borderline with Mexico turned retired to beryllium conscionable the happening snarky Twitter users were waiting for.

Donald Trump’s erstwhile main strategist pleaded not blameworthy to duping donors, mostly Trump supporters, who gave wealth to assistance physique a borderline wall.

Bannon was released without bail aft his arraignment successful a New York City courtroom connected authorities charges of wealth laundering, conspiracy and fraud related to the We Build the Wall crowd-funding campaign. But helium had to bash a “perp walk” done a media gauntlet connected his mode to the Manhattan court.

“It’s each nonsense. They volition ne'er unopen maine up,” Bannon said successful existent cartoon-supervillain benignant arsenic helium walked down the courthouse hallway amid lawyers and instrumentality enforcement officers.

Considering Bannon helped gin up the erstwhile president’s predetermination fraud claims to the constituent erstwhile hundreds of Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol connected Jan. 6, 2021, galore Twitter users recovered his handcuffed stroll satisfying.

And the snarky comments were arresting.

A mates of radical had theories astir whom Bannon meant by “they.”

A fewer radical noted that Bannon’s bombast didn’t person the effect helium intended.

Honestly, this mightiness beryllium the astir pathetic happening I've ever seen. Bannon likes to unreal he's immoderate benignant of persecuted revolutionary, but present helium sounds similar he's being walked into Bellevue for a psych eval.

— Gary Legum (@GaryLegum) September 8, 2022
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