Steve Buscemi dressed as his own 'Lenny Wosniak' meme to give out Halloween candy

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(CNN)The 2021 grant for the astir meta Halloween costume goes to ... Steve Buscemi.

The 63-year-old histrion raised the stakes connected Sunday erstwhile helium recreated his iconic "30 Rock" scene-turned-meme portion distributing candy successful Brooklyn, New York.

In a 2012 occurrence of the drama bid entitled "The Tuxedo Begins," Buscemi's quality -- backstage researcher Lenny Wosniak -- recalls going undercover disguised arsenic a precocious schoolhouse student.

    As helium walks past a radical of teenagers, helium greets them with the toe-curling line: "How bash you do, chap kids?"

      The country spawned a meme that is often utilized to poke amusive astatine radical failing miserably to subordinate to a younger generation.

      In pictures circulating online, Buscemi was seen sporting the aforesaid reddish shot cap, a reddish hoodie, and a T-shirt emblazoned with the words "Music Band." He completed the look with a skateboard.

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      Both helium and Elvis Costello were blessed to airs for photos with fans portion giving candy to trick-or-treaters.

      It's harmless to accidental Buscemi's costume thought was a deed with lovers of the show, with galore taking to societal media to praise his creativity.

      Actress and screenwriter Mindy Kaling shared the archetypal GIF connected Twitter, on with the caption: "I can't judge Steve Buscemi dressed arsenic his ain meme connected Halloween."

        Sports and governmental commentator Keith Olbermann tweeted: "No much calls. No much tricks. No much treats. We person the international, unanimous Halloween 2021 victor and it's Steve Buscemi as...Steve Buscemi."

        And writer Amina Akhtar tweeted: "Steve Buscemi wins celeb Halloween."

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