Student with rare cancer gets trip of a lifetime

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COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa. (KMTV)  — At archetypal glance, Joe Miller mightiness look similar a emblematic precocious schoolhouse inferior but this past twelvemonth has been thing but emblematic for him and his family. He's surviving with the effects of liver cancer.

"It's ace rare, actually, the doctors said they'd ne'er seen it. It's usually a crab recovered successful younger kids oregon babies and I got it astatine 16 years old," Joe said.

He missed his full sophomore twelvemonth due to the fact that of chemotherapy and months successful the hospital. Earlier this year, helium received a liver transplant.

"It's been a agelong travel for our household and 1 that's inactive going on," his begetter Dan Miller said.

After a unsmooth year, household person Jason Kaiman stepped successful and made a immense gesture. Since Joe is simply a passionate University of Michigan fan, Kaiman paid for a imagination travel to Ann Arbor. He took attraction of everything from hotels and cogwheel to sideline passes.

"This past weekend, we got pregame and postgame sideline passes, and our seats were close down the Michigan bench, similar 3 rows up," Joe said.

Joe besides got to conscionable his idol, Wolverines backmost J.J. McCarthy.

"I met him connected the sideline earlier the game, got to speech to him a small spot after," Joe said.

For Kaiman, granting the privation was a no-brainer, calling Michigan games "life-changing" and "electric" for fans similar Joe.

"I've been paid backmost ... a 100 times implicit for the wealth I've spent. It's conscionable been an astonishing thing," Kaiman said.

Dan believes Kaiman's bully deed is reflective of Joe and his benignant heart, which he's maintained contempt each his challenges.

"The things he's had to spell through, a 16-year-old kid's not expected to person to spell done it. Unfortunately, crab finds the best," Dan said.

Joe's ma says helium smiled for 72 hours straight. While he's inactive undergoing treatment, she reminds america all, the "world is afloat of gracious and generous people."

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