Students Sue School District In Trademark Fight Over Racial Justice Podcast Name

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Black students in Denver are suing the schoolhouse district, saying it is trying to “steal” their podcast sanction “Know Justice, Know Peace.”

The suit says the students, who created the radical justness podcast “Know Justice, Know Peace” pursuing George Floyd’s execution successful 2020, made “an instant hit” that got the attraction of media outlets including the “Today” show, The Denver Post reported.

The radical — composed of 4 Black existent and erstwhile students astatine Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Early College — sued Denver Public Schools successful national tribunal connected Monday. The territory filed 3 trademark applications, including 1 authorities exertion and 2 national applications, for the name, according to the lawsuit.

A Colorado trademark registration referenced successful reporting by Chalkbeat Colorado reveals the territory described the bid arsenic “offering accusation astir inequities successful the acquisition strategy [and] providing solutions for implementing, improving, [and] sustaining equity.”

The suit described an irony successful the district’s effort to trademark the name.

“The irony of DPS’s attempts ... is that DPS has for years fallen mode abbreviated connected Black history, radical justness and acquisition astir these important issues,” the suit said. “That their recently recovered and importantly tardy tendency to code radical issues had to travel successful this signifier is simply a bittersweet commentary connected the authorities of DPS.”

A spokesperson for Denver Public Schools told HuffPost it would not supply remark owed to the pending litigation.

District Deputy Superintendent Anthony Smith met with students and their parents successful an effort to “coerce and bully” them into saying the territory owned the trademark, according to the lawsuit.

“Notably, it is your clients who are liable for trademark infringement,” the district’s lawyer said successful a missive to the students’ lawyer.

Chalkbeat reported that an lawyer for the territory sent a missive successful August to erstwhile main Kimberly Grayson, who was progressive successful the podcast’s creation, regarding her registration of a business named “Know Justice, Know Peace: The Take LLC.”

The letter, which Chalkbeat said it received done a nationalist records request, said the sanction belonged to Denver Public Schools and described the podcast arsenic produced with territory instrumentality connected its property.

Grayson said successful an email to territory unit obtained by Chalkbeat that she registered the concern due to the fact that she had near the schoolhouse and the students wanted to grounds the podcast independently.

She wrote that the territory was contradicting itself for expressing its stance connected equity portion besides saying it “OWNS 4 Black young ladies’ image, voice, and content,” according to Chalkbeat.

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