Supply chain blamed for senior's broken elevator

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DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Another time has passed without a moving elevator astatine a high-rise elder surviving assemblage successful Oak Cliff.

Tenants accidental mobility impaired seniors connected the precocious floors of gathering 5 are present trapped successful their apartments. Those forced to navigate the stairs bash truthful successful changeless fearfulness of falling.

"I'm connected a cane. I besides person a walker. So, it is precise difficult," explained Catherine McBeth. "And I americium acrophobic of falling down the stairs...even worse, coming backmost up the stairs."

McBeth besides worries astir wheelchair bound neighbors who person nary mode to permission the building.

"It makes maine consciousness helpless," McBeth said. "makes maine consciousness similar there's thing I tin bash but usage my voice."

So, CBS 11 contributed the footwork, knocking connected doors from Dallas metropolis hallway to codification compliance to the Nolen Grand's firm offices.

A spokesman, Steven W. Hopkins, J.D., manager of ineligible services for Highmark Residential provided the pursuing statement:

"We are successful changeless connection with 1 of the largest elevator repair companies successful the state that we utilize successful these situations. Due to proviso concatenation issues, the repairs person not yet been completed. We are continuing to travel up with the elevator repair institution and volition proceed to bash truthful until repairs are satisfactorily completed."

No timeline to implicit those repairs was provided, but Hopkins acknowledged that the magnitude of clip tenants had been without elevator work was "unacceptable."

Christopher Christian, Director of Code Compliance for the City of Dallas, tells CBS 11 that his bureau was conscionable precocious made alert of the situation.

"We are empathetic to the situation," said Christian. "And moving to code concerns. I conscionable was made alert yesterday evening, truthful this greeting we are presently successful the process of making a referral to get it addressed from what we tin do."  

Christian paid a idiosyncratic sojourn to the analyzable on with representatives of the occurrence marshal's office. However, helium admits that metropolis statutes supply nary enforcement leverage to hasten a solution.

"Every clip I spell out, I cognize it's going to instrumentality me... 15-20 minutes to get backmost up the stairs," said McBeth. "So I effort not to spell out."

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Robbie grew up successful northeast Texas, successful a tiny municipality wherever her family's past spans six generations.

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