Support for New Zealand Labour Party hits 2017 low - poll

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WELLINGTON, Nov 7 (Reuters) - Support for New Zealand's ruling Labour Party has dropped to its lowest level since Jacinda Ardern took implicit the leadership, an sentiment canvass released precocious connected Sunday showed.

The intimately watched Newshub-Reid Research canvass showed enactment for Ardern's enactment astatine 32.3%, down 5.9 points since the past canvass successful May. Support for largest absorption party, National, is astatine 40.7%.

New Zealand is not owed to spell to the polls until precocious successful 2023 but those figures would permission Labour and its accepted partners without capable enactment to signifier a conjugation government.

Ardern told Newshub AM Show earlier Monday that she takes each azygous canvass with a atom of brackish and alternatively focuses connected what she is proceeding from New Zealanders.

Reporting by Lucy Craymer; Editing by Catherine Evans

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