Supreme Court Rules Out Suing Police For Miranda Violations

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WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court connected Thursday ruled that instrumentality enforcement officers can’t beryllium sued erstwhile they interruption the rights of transgression suspects by failing to supply the acquainted Miranda warning earlier questioning them.

The justices ruled 6-3 successful favour of a sheriff’s lawman who was sued aft helium failed to work a Miranda informing — “You person the close to stay silent,” it begins — to a Los Angeles infirmary idiosyncratic accused of sexually assaulting a patient.

The contented successful the lawsuit was whether the informing fixed to transgression suspects earlier they speech to authorities, which the tribunal recognized successful its Miranda v. Arizona determination successful 1966 and reaffirmed 34 years later, is simply a law close oregon thing little important and little defined.

Justice Samuel Alito wrote successful his bulk sentiment that “a usurpation of Miranda is not itself a usurpation of the Fifth Amendment” and “we spot nary justification for expanding Miranda to confer a close to sue” nether the national instrumentality known arsenic Section 1983. The instrumentality allows radical to writer constabulary officers and different governmental workers for violations of law rights.

In dissent for the court’s 3 liberals, Justice Elena Kagan wrote that the determination “prevents individuals from obtaining immoderate redress erstwhile constabulary interruption their rights nether Miranda.”

The lawsuit began erstwhile a pistillate who suffered a changeable said she was assaulted astatine a Los Angeles infirmary and identified infirmary idiosyncratic Terrence Tekoh arsenic her attacker. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Carlos Vega talked to Tekoh, who signed a connection confessing to the assault.

Both sides hold that Vega did not work Tekoh his rights earlier their speech astatine the hospital. But they disagree astir whether Tekoh was coerced into confessing.

Even with the connection utilized against him astatine trial, a assemblage acquitted Tekoh of transgression charges. Tekoh past turned astir and sued Vega, who doubly prevailed astatine civilian trials implicit his conduct. But a national appeals tribunal ruled Tekoh should person different chance.

The lawman appealed to the Supreme Court, which agreed to perceive the case.

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