Suspect in Argentine VP assassination attempt arrested in 2021 for carrying weapon

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(CNN)The fishy successful an evident assassination effort against Argentine Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner was arrested past twelvemonth for "improper usage of a weapon", constabulary person told CNN.

Argentine authorities person identified Fernando Sabag Montiel arsenic the fishy who approached Fernández de Kirchner with a loaded weapon extracurricular her location successful Buenos Aires connected Thursday successful what appears to beryllium a failed assassination attempt.

A constabulary spokesperson told CNN Sabag Montiel had a weapons licence but was arrested successful 2021 for carrying a ample weapon successful public, adding that helium has astatine slightest 1 tattoo with Nazi symbols.

    Migration bureau officials said helium was calved successful the Brazilian metropolis of São Paulo connected January 13, 1987, and had been surviving successful Argentina since 1993.

      Video of the incidental shows Fernández de Kirchner smiling arsenic she walks by a ample assemblage of supporters. A antheral past surges guardant and points a weapon astatine her face.

      No bullets were fired and the vice president was unharmed, though the Argentine Ministry of Security aboriginal confirmed the .380 firearm utilized successful the incidental had bullets inside.

      "Cristina is inactive live due to the fact that -- for immoderate crushed we can't technically corroborate astatine this infinitesimal -- the weapon, which was equipped with 5 bullets, did not sprout though the trigger was pulled," Argentina's President Alberto Fernández said successful a televised code precocious Thursday.

        The onslaught connected Fernández de Kirchner, who served arsenic the country's President from 2007 to 2015 earlier taking bureau arsenic vice president successful 2019, has shocked the federation and wider region.

        Suspect arrested aft  failed assassination effort  connected  Argentine vice president

        Leaders from Mexico, Cuba, Chile and Venezuela person each reacted to the quality successful fearfulness and expressed their solidarity with Fernández de Kirchner, portion the Argentine President declared Friday a nationalist vacation truthful the nationalist could rally successful support.

        Sabag Montiel's girlfriend, who took portion successful a unrecorded interrogation connected Argentine authorities tv pursuing his arrest, said she excessively was struggling to marque consciousness of what happened.

        Sabag Montiel was a "good, hard-working man" who had shown nary signs of unit "in caller weeks", said his girlfriend, identified successful the interrogation lone by her archetypal name, Ambar.

        She said she had past seen him connected Wednesday and could not recognize "why helium did what helium did."

        "In each honesty, I was not alert of each this. [Sabag] did not archer maine immoderate detail," Ambar said.

          Sabag is presently successful custody portion awaiting proceedings connected a complaint of attempted execution and has been assigned a nationalist defence attorney, according to 2 magistrates.

          Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner astatine  the National Congress successful  Buenos Aires.

          Supporters of the vice president person been holding rallies adjacent her location for respective days to reason a petition by prosecutors that she service a 12-year situation condemnation for alleged corruption. Last weekend, clashes betwixt her supporters and constabulary injured 14 instrumentality enforcement officials and led to 4 arrests.

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