Sydney Sweeney's Unusual Plan To Make It In Hollywood Is A Lesson For All Of Us

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Sydney Sweeney made it from Spokane, Washington, to occurrence successful Hollywood ― and however she did it rightfully impressed “The Tonight Show” big Jimmy Fallon. (Watch the video below.)

When Sweeney, who plays the much-memed Cassie connected the HBO teen play “Euphoria,” told her parents that she wanted to prosecute acting, they “thought it was similar wanting to beryllium a princess, that it wasn’t real, you couldn’t interaction it,” she said.

But astatine property 11, Sweeney convinced them it could beryllium done by putting unneurotic a five-year concern program successful a PowerPoint presentation. All it took was determination and immoderate Googling.

“They took maine seriously,” she said of ma and dad, adding: “They listened.”

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