Taiwan smartphone chipmaker MediaTek launches new chip

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OAKLAND, Calif. Nov 8 (Reuters) - Taiwanese smartphone chipmaker MediaTek Inc connected Tuesday launched a caller spot called the Dimensity 9200 arsenic it looks to drawback much of the premium extremity of the market.

The institution said the 5G spot was made astatine Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co’s utilizing its 2nd procreation 4-nanometer spot accumulation technology, which refers to the transistor size. Generally, the smaller the transistor, the much powerfulness businesslike the chips are.

Phil Solis, smartphone spot expert astatine IDC, said the caller spot was cardinal for MediaTek’s strategy to determination upstream.

“This merchandise volition assistance MediaTek grow successful the U.S. and European markets and assistance alteration consumer’s cognition astir MediaTek,” Solis told Reuters.

Premium Android smartphones person been dominated by U.S. chipmaker Qualcomm Inc, which besides supplies modem chips for Apple’s iPhone for connectivity. While MediaTek has a large portion of the marketplace for inexpensive Android phones, those chips merchantability for a batch little than chips for premium phones.

“MediaTek is acold down Qualcomm successful presumption of revenue, and that is what MediaTek is attempting to change,” said Solis.

MediaTek said the caller chip’s powerfulness ratio helped execute longer artillery beingness and make a amended gaming acquisition connected the smartphone. (Reporting By Jane Lanhee Lee; Editing by Robert Birsel)


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