Taliban decree orders women in Afghanistan to cover their faces

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(CNN)Women successful Afghanistan indispensable screen their faces successful public, according to a decree issued by the Taliban connected Saturday.

The caller rules accidental women indispensable screen their faces, ideally wearing the accepted burqa, according to a connection from the General Directorate of Administrative Affairs.

If a pistillate does not travel the rules, her "male guardian" volition beryllium visited and advised, and yet jailed and sentenced. Women who enactment successful authorities offices and bash not travel the caller decree volition beryllium fired.

    The Taliban has been criticized for restricting women's rights and freedoms successful assorted areas of nationalist life.

      "The Taliban cannot erase us, they can't. This is not similar the 1990s oregon earlier -- they person to judge [women]. They person nary different choice," erstwhile Afghan person and women's rights activistic Zarifa Ghafari told CNN past month.

      The Taliban person  seized power  of Afghanistan. What does that mean   for women and girls?

      In December, the Taliban banned women from taking long-distance roadworthy trips successful Afghanistan connected their own, requiring that a antheral comparative travel them for immoderate region beyond 45 miles. The caller rules besides called connected drivers not to let women without veils to beryllium successful their cars.

      These are to forestall women from coming to immoderate harm oregon "disturbance," according to Mohammad Sadiq Hakif Mahajer, spokesperson for the Ministry for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice.

        In November, the Taliban issued guidelines to broadcasters that prohibited each dramas, soap operas and amusement shows featuring women. Female quality presenters indispensable besides present deterioration headscarves connected screen. These were the archetypal restrictions of their benignant imposed connected the country's media network.

          And contempt aboriginal promises from the Taliban that women would support their rights to education, girls' precocious schools were shut successful March connected the greeting they were owed to open.

          In January, UN Secretary-General António Guterres appealed to the Taliban enactment to admit and support the cardinal quality rights of women and girls. "No state tin thrive portion denying the rights of fractional its population," helium said.

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