Taylor Swift Finally Puts That Red Scarf Mystery To Rest

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You cognize the scarf. The scarf ― the reddish 1 Taylor Swift supposedly near down astatine the location of a erstwhile flame’s sister. Well, Maggie Gyllenhaal tin telephone disconnected the search, due to the fact that it turns retired the infamous accessory ne'er existed.

For years, fans person speculated astir the whereabouts of the missing item, which features prominently successful “All Too Well,” the singer’s beloved 2012 ballad allegedly inspired by her short-lived romance with Jake Gyllenhaal.

But the enigma surrounding the now-legendary notation (“I near my scarf determination astatine your sister’s house/ And you’ve inactive got it successful your drawer adjacent now”) has yet been solved.

During an quality astatine the Toronto International Film Festival connected Friday night, Swift made a uncommon remark astir the scarf.

“Basically, the scarf is simply a metaphor and we turned it reddish due to the fact that reddish is simply a precise important colour successful this album, which is called ‘Red,’” she told the crowd. “And I deliberation erstwhile I accidental it’s a metaphor, I’m conscionable going to stop, and I’m going to accidental ‘thanks for the unthinkable question’ to whoever asked it. You’ve truly taken america for a thrust with that one.”

The hunt for the scarf attracted renewed involvement successful November with the merchandise of “Red (Taylor’s Version).” The re-recorded medium included a caller 10-minute mentation of “All Too Well” and an accompanying abbreviated film astir the doomed narration astatine the halfway of the song.

Swift, who wrote and directed the film, was astatine the festival to beforehand the task starring Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien, which conscionable mightiness output the singer’s archetypal Academy Award nomination.

Since the popular prima seldom reveals the inspirations for her songs, her fans person tried to enactment unneurotic the puzzle pieces for years to find who successful information has the scarf successful their possession.

Naturally, Maggie Gyllenhaal has fielded her stock of inquiries.

“I ne'er understood wherefore everybody asked maine astir this scarf,” she said during an quality connected “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen” successful 2017. “I americium successful the acheronian astir the scarf. It’s wholly possible. I don’t know. I person been asked this before.”

Jake Gyllenhaal, whose narration with Swift spanned astir 3 months successful 2010, has precocious been much forthcoming aft years of silence, insisting successful February that the opus “has thing to bash with me.”

“It’s astir her narration with her fans,” helium told Esquire. “It is her expression. Artists pat into idiosyncratic experiences for inspiration, and I don’t begrudge anyone that.”

He did, however, explicit immoderate vexation with the fervor surrounding the lyrics ― Swift’s fanbase has continued to harass the histrion connected societal media ― and suggested that possibly the vocalist should enactment a halt to it.

“At immoderate point, I deliberation it’s important erstwhile supporters get unruly that we consciousness a work to person them beryllium civilian and not let for cyberbullying successful one’s name,” helium said. “That begs for a deeper philosophical question — not astir immoderate individual, per se, but a speech that allows america to analyse however we tin — oregon should, adjacent — instrumentality work for what we enactment into the world, our contributions into the world.”

Alas, the vocalist has ne'er addressed Gyllenhaal’s comments publically oregon shared immoderate much details astir their relationship. But successful existent Swift fashion, she’s inactive making wealth disconnected her heartbreak and selling a reddish knit scarf arsenic merchandise connected her website.

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