Teacher accused of holding cotton-picking exercise

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LADSON, S.C. (WCSC) - A Dorchester School District 2 parent is looking for answers aft she says her son’s teacher utilized a derogatory connection to picture different teacher – and made her lad partake successful a cotton-picking exercise.

Lashanda Wiggins’ lad goes to Oakbrook Middle School. She says thing his teacher allegedly said a mates of weeks agone has her upset.

“His teacher had made immoderate comments that she has a teacher adjacent door, he’s a Black teacher, and she refers to him arsenic the ‘monkey adjacent door,’” Wiggins says.

Her lad says instantly aft those comments, the teacher had the people bash a cotton-picking activity.

“From what the adjunct main explained to maine is that she was going to conscionable bring the fabric in, springiness it to the kids and her words were, ‘Here’s however you prime cotton,’” Wiggins says.

Wiggins says her lad was upset.

“He wanted to cognize wherefore bash we person to relive that oregon wherefore bash we person to spell backmost to that?” she says.

Wiggins says the main acknowledged what happened but she has been provided nary different answers arsenic to immoderate benignant of repercussions.

“I nonstop my kids to schoolhouse to learn,” Wiggins says. “They’re expected to beryllium treated arsenic amongst their peers and the radical that are liable for teaching them. So erstwhile helium came location and told maine that I was highly and inactive highly upset.”

The territory responded to a petition for remark with this statement:

Dorchester School District Two takes each allegation seriously. We are presently investigating an alleged incidental astatine Oakbrook Middle School. We bash not remark connected unit matters.

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