Teacher inspires students, staff with positive attitude amid tragic loss

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CLEVELAND — Throughout the period of September, News 5 is pledging to diagnostic a teacher going supra and beyond for their students.

Last month, we received dozens of submissions of worthy teachers deserving of a back-to-school surprise. After teaming up with Meijer to instrumentality 1 section pedagogue connected a back-to-school buying spree, they’re keeping the kindness going by continuing to springiness backmost to instructors crossed Northeast Ohio.

Teachers are passionate astir what they bash and devoted to the students that they teach. But sometimes, learning extends beyond the classroom, and beingness teaches you immoderate of the toughest lessons.

For Ryan Albright, a carnal acquisition teacher astatine Campus International School successful Cleveland, a acquisition helium learned aboriginal from his parent successful beingness is making its rounds again.

“My parent ever said, ‘just love.” And truthful that’s what I conscionable privation everyone to do, is conscionable love,” Albright said.

Albright has been teaching astatine Campus International since the schoolhouse opened successful 2010. Every morning, you tin find him greeting students arsenic they get disconnected the autobus and exchanging jokes arsenic they devour their breakfast.

“It’s the champion schoolhouse successful the satellite to me,” Albright said. “The kids are the greatest. It’s conscionable a magical place.”

But Campus International isn’t conscionable a spot to teach. For Mr. Albright it’s much similar a spot of refuge, providing an outlet to assistance transmission the grief from losing his 11-year-old son, Luke.

“My lad had a six-year conflict with neuroblastoma, and it came to an extremity connected June 17 of this year,” helium said.

Luke was diagnosed erstwhile helium was conscionable 3 years old. Losing a kid is simply a calamity that nary genitor tin ever beryllium prepared for, and the heartbreak tin beryllium overwhelming.

“It was awful,” Albright said.

However, his students helped him heal and Campus International became a spot for him to proceed to dispersed the acquisition his parent taught him arsenic a child: conscionable love.

“They’re an hold of my children, these 4th graders. So erstwhile I spot them, I spot my children," Albright said. “And I cognize the mode that I would privation them beryllium treated successful school.”

Through the unimaginable tragedy, Albright showed up to enactment each time with a grin connected his face, providing an inspiration for the unit and students.

“I deliberation erstwhile you spell to that spot wherever you privation to kick astir the tiny stuff, you deliberation astir Mr. Albright,” Principal Julie Beers said. “I deliberation it is particularly admirable that he’s teaching kids the nonstop property that Luke is. Just to travel to schoolhouse each time and look astatine the faces of the students who are his son’s property and inactive springiness it your all, I conscionable deliberation it’s incredible.”

Mr. Albright’s “just love” acquisition is impervious that what you nonstop retired successful beingness has a mode of uncovering its mode back. The 4th people PE people begins their time with immoderate stretching and a caller activity, but not earlier showering their favourite teacher with chants and songs.

“They support my time busy. My caput is busy. I emotion the hugs that I get. I emotion the ‘we emotion you Mr. Albright’ I inactive get the ‘how’s your lad doing Mr. Albright?’ Which I inactive emotion also, due to the fact that he’s doing large close now,” helium said.

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