Teacher says she was fired over LGBTQ topics

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CAPE CORAL, Fla. — A Cape Coral Middle School teacher claims she was fired due to the fact that she spoke with her students astir sexuality.

She says her creation students past drew emblem pictures expressing their ain sexuality.

Mrs. Casey Scott said schoolhouse leaders made her region the drawings and propulsion them out.

However, the Lee County School District claims she was fired for not pursuing the mandated curriculum.

“A treatment happened successful people and due to the fact that of that, present I’m fired,” Scott said.

That treatment centered connected pupil sexuality. She pointed to flags she said were created by students, immoderate of whom identified arsenic non-binary, bisexual, and gay.

She claims students wondered astir her and she revealed she was pansexual.

“I similar anyone contempt male, female, non-binary, transgender,” Scott said.

She is joined to a antheral and she claims immoderate students asked her if they could make creation expressing their sexuality.

She hung the pictures connected her schoolroom doorway and that’s erstwhile schoolhouse unit contacted her.

“They said it would beryllium successful the champion involvement if I got escaped of them now,” she said.

She snapped pictures showing however she got escaped of them by placing them successful a recycle bin.

“I went implicit to the recycling bin. I grabbed each their flags and each the kids were staring astatine me. And I crumbled their flags successful beforehand of them,” she explained.

She was sent location and past received a telephone from schoolhouse administrators who informed her that she was being released from her contract.

She showed america societal media posts from students upset implicit her firing.

However, the Lee School District showed america complaints from parents who were acrophobic astir the speech and the artwork.

The territory besides released handwritten accounts from students which described they were allowed to gully immoderate benignant of emblem they chose adjacent creating flags expressing who they are.

The students besides verified that Mrs. Scott revealed she was pansexual. A word understood by immoderate students and near others confused.

Kevin Daly is with the Teachers Union of Lee County and explained that Scott could legally beryllium fired and helium confirmed she did not beryllium to the teachers union.

“During that probationary play they tin fto you spell without cause,” Daly said.

Daly believes the firing could beryllium a wake-up for each teachers erstwhile it comes to discussing LGBTQ issues.

“There is benignant of a heightened authorities of wherever is the boundary? And what are employees expected to do? Or allowed to do, erstwhile a taxable comes up successful discussion,” Daly said.

Scott’s firing came days earlier Governor DeSantis signed a instrumentality that limits LGBTQ speech successful age-appropriate settings.

Crystal Czyscon is an LGBTQ advocator and said her interest is for the intelligence wellness of the transgender nonbinary students who were successful Mrs. Scott’s classes.

Czyscon believes the schoolhouse territory made a mistake.

“I would similar to spot a connection from the schoolhouse committee recognizing they person to person a intelligence wellness counsellor travel successful and talk with the children impacted by their actions toward this teacher,” Czyscon concluded.

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