Teachers say they weren't notified about gun

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - Some teachers astatine Maplewood High School are acrophobic astir however the medication of that schoolhouse communicates to teachers during unsafe situations.

WSMV4 obtained a connection from a teacher that wanted to stay anonymous that said the medication did not archer teachers that determination was a gun recovered successful the gathering connected Monday.

In the message, the teacher besides said they recovered retired astir the incidental from the quality that night.

Sean Braisted, spokesperson for Metro Nashville Public Schools, said what happened was a misunderstanding and a effect of miscommunication.

“We regret that if determination was immoderate unit that recovered retired done the media. That should not person happened,” Braisted said.

WSMV asked the territory to explicate what happened Monday. Braisted said Maplewood’s main was retired of the bureau connected Monday and did not person entree to the callout system, which notifies parents of immoderate benignant of school-related information.

Braisted went connected to accidental the connection bureau was asked to bash the callout and that’s wherever they said the misunderstanding happened.

“We sent it to families. There was a misunderstanding betwixt america and the schoolhouse arsenic to who was notifying the staff,” Braisted said. “Normally the unit would either beryllium notified separately oregon astatine the aforesaid time, and truthful I recovered retired contiguous that didn’t happen. We surely regret the mistake to the faculty.”

In the connection obtained from the teacher, it said that teachers were told “per the district’s policy” it is not protocol for teachers to beryllium notified.

WSMV4 asked wherefore teachers wouldn’t beryllium notified. Braisted said the guidance fixed to principals references parents. However, staff/teachers are not specifically called retired arsenic being required to beryllium notified separately.

“It’s not needfully required to spell to staff, and surely during the time you would usually not nonstop a telephone each to unit due to the fact that you wouldn’t privation everyone to beryllium getting a telephone during schoolroom acquisition period,” Braisted said. “We bash evidently promote unit to beryllium notified.

Braisted said if determination is simply a question astir that, they volition supply further clarity to schoolhouse administrators.

WSMV4 asked what is Metro Schools’ argumentation for notifying teachers of incidents similar this.

“We defer to main discretion arsenic to however they pass with staff,” Braisted said. “They tin pass via email. They tin pass via module meetings. It truly depends connected the schoolhouse concern and what the concern requires.”

He said leaving teachers retired was not intentional and besides said the main talked to module members astir the incidental the adjacent day.

How volition the schoolhouse strategy forestall thing similar this from happening again?

“This was benignant of a unsocial concern and evidently successful the future, if we person a concern wherever the main is our and they’re not asking america to bash it, we volition astir apt marque definite that the teachers are included connected that telephone our oregon we’ll marque definite to inquire person you talked to your staff,” Braisted said.

As for the pupil that brought the loaded weapon to Maplewood, Metro Police said the pupil ran distant from the schoolhouse connected Monday and hasn’t been caught arsenic of Thursday.

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