Ted Cruz Gets Fact-Checked To His Face On Fox News Over 'Domestic Terrorist' Lie

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) was fact-checked connected Fox News Wednesday aft helium falsely asserted ― again ― that U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland had called parents “domestic terrorists.”

Speaking connected Fox News astir Republican Glenn Youngkin’s triumph successful the Virginia gubernatorial race, Cruz claimed 1 crushed for the Republican triumph was parents wanting to person “influence and power implicit what their kids are taught.”

“The arrogance of the Democrats saying ‘parents person nary power implicit that,’ and adjacent worse, the lawyer wide ― Joe Biden’s lawyer wide ― calling those parents home terrorists. I deliberation that straight led to the effect past night.”

Anchor John Roberts pointed retired that Cruz’s connection astir Garland was false.

“Although successful fairness, helium said that they weren’t home terrorists. It was the National School Boards Association that said that,” Roberts said.

You tin ticker that speech beneath astatine astir the 1:30 mark.

Cruz aboriginal tweeted a clip from the interrogation that contained his mendacious assertion but not Roberts’ correction.

The senator’s bureau did not instantly respond to HuffPost’s petition for comment.

Cruz and different Republican senators person been up successful arms implicit an Oct. 4 memo from Garland directing the FBI and attorneys wide to enactment with section instrumentality enforcement to devise strategies to code accrued harassment, intimidation and convulsive threats against nationalist schoolhouse employees and schoolhouse committee members crossed the country.

The memo makes nary notation of the word “domestic terrorist,” nor does it formed parents arsenic such.

It was sent respective days aft the National School Boards Association wrote a missive to the president asking for national enactment to code increasing harassment and threats of unit against section schoolhouse committee members. That missive did usage the word home terrorism, and the NSBA later apologized for utilizing that language.

The plea for assistance came arsenic schoolhouse committee meetings person go increasing blistery spots for politicized and often heated disputes implicit mask-wearing, COVID-19 mitigation strategies and however children are taught astir racism successful America.

During a Senate Judiciary Committee gathering past period astir the lawyer general’s memo, Cruz accused Garland of directing the FBI to “go analyse parents arsenic home terrorists.” An exasperated Garland repeatedly told him, and different Republican senators who made akin assertions, that this was not true.

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