Teen Chiefs fan battling diabetes surprised with 'away game experience'

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BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. (KCTV) - It was conscionable dinner, oregon truthful helium thought. Instead, 15-year-old Carson Lundquist is present headed to an distant Chiefs crippled of his choice!

The Lundquist household showed up to the Hy-Vee successful Blue Springs connected Wednesday nighttime for a complimentary dinner. The adjacent happening they knew, tv cameras showed up and respective Hy-vee store managers appeared astatine their table.

“Dinner isn’t the lone crushed wherefore we brought you retired present tonight,” said store manager Chris Wiltfong.

“We besides got you guys an distant crippled acquisition with the Kansas City Chiefs, however astir that?”

How astir that? Along with the announcement Carson was handed a handbasket of Chiefs paraphernalia.

“I was precise surprised. I thought I was conscionable coming present to eat, but I conjecture I got each the stuff,” said Carson. “I’m ace excited. I mean, I’ve ever wanted to spell to an distant crippled it should beryllium truly fun.”

It is the eventual prize, particularly erstwhile you see Carson hasn’t had the easiest life.

“We had this steadfast babe lad and then, each of a sudden, he’s successful ICU astatine Children’s Mercy,” said Allison Lundquist, his mother.

At conscionable 3 years old, Carson was diagnosed with benignant 1 diabetes.

“It’s a 24/7 disease. It ne'er takes a vacation. We perpetually show his humor sweetener levels and effort to support him healthy,” Allison said.

“Every clip I devour something, I person to springiness myself insulin,” Carson said.

For overmuch of Carson’s life, the household has relied connected enactment from the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. JDRF is dedicated to researching and uncovering a cure for benignant 1 diabetes.

In return, Carson and his household person fixed backmost to JDRF. It’s wherefore JDRF teamed up with Hy-Vee for Carson’s large surprise.

“JDRF has been a large spouse for decades with Hy-Vee. So, this was a bully moment,” said Wiltfong.

As for which crippled Carson is going to.

“Bills oregon Rams game,” said Carson.

“I’m reasoning determination sunny and warm,” Allison said with a laugh.

Carson besides indispensable determine which household subordinate gets to spell with him. He gets 2 tickets to the Chiefs game, an overnight edifice enactment and roundtrip airfare.

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