Teen dies from severe asthma attack

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WEST ALLIS, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A West Allis teen unexpectedly died from a terrible asthma onslaught successful Aug.

Now, his household is hoping the 13-year-old's communicative could assistance prevention idiosyncratic else.

"He was afloat of joy, afloat of happiness," Anthony Miller, his father, said.

Ky'reelle's household met CBS 58 astatine 1 of the teen's favourite spots -- the Giannis mural successful Downtown Milwaukee.

"Every, each the Bucks' games. Like, we had ne'er been to one, but we watched them, and helium benignant of followed his vocation a small bit," Miller said.

Miller said his lad was a playful brother, a protective friend, and a bully student. 

"A happy, blessed kid," Miller said. 

Ky'reelle suffered from asthma for his full life, but his dada said doc and exigency country visits became much predominant arsenic his information abruptly became much severe.

He told CBS 58 Ky'reelle would ever beryllium sent location with a breathing treatment.

"We did everything determination is that you tin do. He had a rescue inhaler connected him. He had an inhaler successful the house. He had an inhaler astatine school, and helium had a breathing attraction instrumentality successful the house, and that inactive wasn't enough," Miller said.

Ky'reelle stopped breathing during an asthma onslaught connected Aug. 24, according to his father.

Miller is present encouraging parents to inquire much questions astatine the doctor's office.

"I don't privation idiosyncratic other to spell done what I'm going done close now, losing their child," Miller said.

More than anything, helium said hug your kids a small tighter tonight.

"Tell them 'I emotion you,' due to the fact that time is not promised," Miller said. "I privation I had much clip with my son."

Ky'reelle's household said they're appreciative of the outpouring of enactment from the community. 

The West Allis assemblage hosted a lemonade basal fundraiser for the household connected Friday.

A GoFundMe Page was created to springiness Ky'reelle a memorial. You tin donate here

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