Teen hospitalized with football injury

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Bloomington teen hospitalized pursuing devastating shot crippled wounded

Bloomington teen hospitalized pursuing devastating shot crippled injury 02:16

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. -- It's not conscionable his size and spot that sets him apart; his coaches laud Ethan Glynn for his character.

"This is simply a skipper guy," John Frein, a shot manager and household friend, told WCCO. "I mean you spot successful galore pictures he's got a C connected his chest."

The full younker sports assemblage successful Bloomington is present rallying astir Glynn aft a devastating wounded helium sustained successful a shot crippled connected Friday near him motionless connected the field. According to a household spokesman, Glynn was wounded "in a mean shot play" portion connected defense.

"It's not conscionable adjacent to home. It's here," Frein lamented. "It's hard. I person kids, and a batch of america person kids, and it's thing you don't privation immoderate household to spell through. He's going to rebound from this. He's truthful beardown and fierce and he's going to get done this."

A station Monday connected the website CaringBridge noted that Glynn, oregon "E" arsenic he's known to friends and teammates, remains connected a ventilator but "He is present capable to beryllium angled, which is simply a large win!" 

In summation to football, Glynn loved playing shot and hockey; helium was the skipper of the younker hockey squad that went to the authorities championships.

"If this happened to anyone else, that household would beryllium close determination trying to help," Sarah Doner, whose lad Darin played connected Glynn's hockey team, said. "[Ethan's mother] would beryllium determination moving fundraisers due to the fact that that is conscionable who she is. Everyone wants to bash that backmost to the family."

As a ma of 3 boys herself, Doner said she doesn't privation this wounded to discourage them from playing but this is inactive an important accidental to "play smarter and not harder."

"You don't deliberation this is going to hap to you, and you instrumentality for granted your arms and legs and being capable to usage them and ticker your kid play. Having 3 kids successful sports, that is your full passionateness successful life, and successful 1 divided infinitesimal that was changed."

Glynn's parents, Cassidy Durkin and Corey Glynn, shared this connection with WCCO:

"We're truthful grateful for each of the enactment from friends and household and the community. It fills our hearts to cognize however galore radical attraction astir Ethan. We cognize E is simply a combatant and successful bully hands. Thank you."

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