Teen suddenly dies after football practice

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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - The Brandon High School assemblage is successful daze aft the abrupt nonaccomplishment of 1 of their shot players.

Few details person travel retired astir what led to Phillip Laster Jr.’s death, but his household said helium spent immoderate of his last moments connected the shot tract doing what helium loved.

The motion connected Laster’s parents’ beforehand doorway reads, “faith lives here,” and that’s yet what’s going to get Phillip Sr., Ashanta, and their 3 different children done these adjacent fewer weeks arsenic they grieve the nonaccomplishment of their son, Phillip Jr.

“I’m speechless that I’m not going to perceive his footsteps coming done the door, oregon ‘Mom, what’re you cooking?’ successful his heavy voice,” Ashanta said. “He was a beauteous kid. I emotion my son.’”

The Brandon High School shot subordinate was conscionable weeks distant from starting his elder year, and helium was determined to assistance his squad triumph the authorities title.

“Phillip has been playing shot with immoderate of those ballplayers since helium was astir 5 years old,” Phillip Sr. said. “This was a truly breathtaking happening for him this year.”

Laster’s begetter said helium was connected the roadworthy erstwhile his lad collapsed during shot signifier Monday, and by the clip helium made it to the hospital, it was excessively late.

“I called the coach, and helium told maine it would astir apt beryllium champion for maine to conscionable travel connected successful if I could due to the fact that it was a superior situation,” helium said. “On my way, I got the telephone that they mislaid him.”

As the Lasters look backmost connected their son’s life, they retrieve him arsenic a “gentle giant” who was beloved by many.

“It’s conscionable hard to find anybody that has thing atrocious to accidental astir this guy,” Phillip Sr. said. “The outpouring of emotion is conscionable a testament to what his beingness was like. He was a bully kid.”

Rankin Co. Coroner David Ruth said Monday that helium was taking Laster’s assemblage to the authorities aesculapian examiner’s bureau to execute an autopsy.

We volition proceed to travel this communicative and fto you cognize what led to his decease arsenic soon arsenic the accusation comes to us.

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