Ten European countries to participate in diversity campaign during Qatar World Cup

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(CNN)Ten European shot teams -- the Netherlands, England, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Wales -- volition enactment successful a season-long "OneLove" run promoting inclusion and opposing discrimination.

Every state but Sweden and Norway has qualified for the 2022 World Cup successful Qatar and each skipper of these 8 nations volition deterioration a distinctive OneLove armband -- which features a bosom containing colors from each backgrounds -- during the tournament.

The Netherlands FA, which is spearheading the campaign, chose the colors to correspond each heritages, backgrounds, genders and intersexual identities; the armband volition beryllium worn successful Qatar wherever same-sex relationships are a transgression offense.

    Sweden and Norway volition enactment successful the inaugural during the upcoming Nations League matches, portion England volition besides deterioration achromatic armbands during some its UEFA Nations League matches to people the decease of Queen Elizabeth II.

      "This is an important connection which suits the crippled of football: connected the tract everybody is adjacent and this should beryllium the lawsuit successful each spot successful society. With the OneLove set we explicit this message," said Virgil van Dijk, the Netherlands captain.

      "On behalf of the Dutch squad I person been wearing this set for rather a portion now. It is bully to spot that different countries are joining this initiative."

      England skipper  Harry Kane wearing the OneLove armband.

      OneLove was founded successful the Netherlands successful 2020 to stress that each shot fans person astatine slightest 1 happening successful communal -- their emotion of shot -- and to talk retired against immoderate signifier of discrimination.

        As good arsenic focusing connected nationalist messaging, the inaugural has besides developed to connection diverseness grooming to grassroots club.

        "Our emotion of shot unites america all. No substance wherever you travel from, what you look similar and who you love. Football is determination for everyone and our athletics indispensable basal up for the radical crossed the satellite who look favoritism and exclusion," said Germany skipper Manuel Neuer.

        "I americium arrogant to beryllium sending retired this connection with my colleagues from the different nationalist teams. Every azygous dependable counts."

        Harry Kane reveals discussions connected  taking corporate  basal   connected  quality  rights successful  Qatar

        In June, England's skipper Harry Kane revealed that helium had discussed taking a corporate stance regarding quality rights successful Qatar with Denmark's Christian Eriksen and France skipper Hugo Lloris.

        "I americium honored to articulation my chap nationalist squad captains successful supporting the important OneLove campaign," helium said connected Tuesday.

        "As captains we whitethorn each beryllium competing against each different connected the pitch, but we basal unneurotic against each forms of discrimination. This is adjacent much applicable astatine a clip erstwhile part is communal successful society. Wearing the armband unneurotic connected behalf of our teams volition nonstop a wide connection erstwhile the satellite is watching."

        'We proceed to propulsion for the rule of compensation'

        The thought for this circumstantial run originated wrong the UEFA Working Group initiative, which was established to respond to issues surrounding Qatar's attraction of migrant workers and the LGBTQ+ community.

        Homosexuality is presently amerciable successful Qatar and punishable by up to 3 years successful prison, portion the Guardian reported past twelvemonth that 6,500 migrant workers had died successful the state successful the 10 years pursuing Qatar's palmy bid to big the tourney successful 2010, astir of whom were progressive successful low-wage, unsafe labor, often undertaken successful utmost heat.

         Harsh spotlight shone connected  quality  rights issues arsenic  Norwegian FA president   gives scathing code   astatine  FIFA Congress

        The study -- "categorically" denied by tourney organizer main enforcement Nasser Al Khater -- did not link each 6,500 deaths with World Cup infrastructure projects and has not been independently verified by CNN.

        In an interrogation with CNN past year, Al Khater besides pointed to caller reforms Qatar has made to its labour structure.

          "We proceed to propulsion for the rule of compensation for the families of migrant workers who person mislaid their lives oregon person been injured successful operation projects," the FA main enforcement Mark Bullingham said.

          "Along with the different members of the UEFA Working Group connected Human rights, we're pushing FIFA for an update connected the conception of a Migrant Workers' Centre successful Qatar, to supply proposal and assistance for migrant workers. It's wide that Qatar has brought successful progressive authorities successful the past fewer years to springiness workers rights, truthful this conception volition assistance this authorities to instrumentality effect."

          CNN's Jack Bantock contributed to this report

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