Tesla recalls 1.1 million cars for windows that can 'pinch'

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New York (CNN Business)Tesla said it has spotted a flaw successful 1.1 cardinal cars' windows that could pinch occupants portion closing.

The windows are expected to halt if they observe an obstacle successful their way but Tesla said investigating discovered a imaginable occupation successful immoderate of its windows. It said it should beryllium capable to hole the occupation with an over-the-air bundle update, and that car owners won't request to bring their cars successful to beryllium serviced.

Tesla's filing with national information regulators said it is unaware of immoderate reports from owners related to the problem, fto unsocial injuries oregon deaths, and that the occupation was lone discovered during testing.

    The models progressive are the 2017-2022 Model 3, the 2020-2021 Model Y, and the 2021-2022 Models S and X.

      Tesla (TSLA) has had respective recalls successful which the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ordered it to marque changes to the mode the car was designed. Unlike those recalls, this model contented stems from a flaw successful production.

      The institution has erstwhile recalled vehicles for features that allowed the cars to dilatory roll done halt signs successful immoderate circumstances erstwhile successful "full self-driving" mode, 1 that allowed video games to beryllium played connected a console successful the mediate of the dashboard adjacent erstwhile the cars was being driven, and different that allowed drivers to play sounds specified a bleating goat oregon a fart noise extracurricular the vehicle. NHTSA said that diagnostic whitethorn hinder pedestrians' quality to perceive a mandatory informing sound, expanding the hazard of a crash.

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