Texas Gov. Decries 'Pornography' In School Libraries As GOP Targets LGBTQ Books

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In different vague onslaught connected what schools tin and can’t thatch successful Texas, Republican Gov. Greg Abbott wrote a missive to the authorities relation of schoolhouse boards informing against “pornographic oregon obscene” books successful schoolhouse libraries.

While the letter did not supply immoderate factual examples of specified books, it comes days aft Republican authorities Rep. Jeff Carson demanded an probe into “sexually explicit” books successful schoolhouse libraries that could interruption “pornography and decency laws.” Carson explicitly named the publication “Gender Queer” by Maia Kobabe, an autobiographical comic by a nonbinary author.

Last week, the publication was removed from 1 schoolhouse library in the Keller, Texas, schoolhouse district.

In an op-ed, Kobabe wrote astir respective districts crossed the state that had removed oregon challenged the book. The writer condemned the “pornography” statement arsenic a “common accusation against enactment with themes of queer sexuality,” adding that “removing oregon restricting queer books successful libraries and schools is similar cutting a lifeline for queer youth.”

A spokesperson for the Texas Association of School Boards told HuffPost that the radical had received the governor’s missive but was “confused” arsenic to why, since the radical “has nary regulatory authorization implicit schoolhouse districts and does not acceptable the standards for instructional materials, including room books.”

Local schoolhouse districts govern which books are disposable successful their schools’ libraries, arsenic the governor’s ain missive states. The governor’s bureau did not instantly respond to a petition for comment.

Last week, different Republican authorities typical successful Texas, Rep. Matt Krause, launched a vague enquiry into hundreds of books successful Texas schoolhouse libraries. Krause’s letter, reportedly sent to a Texas Education Agency authoritative and respective schoolhouse districts, listed implicit 800 books and asked schools however galore were connected campus, however overmuch schools had spent connected them, and more.

The books listed were chiefly by women, radical of colour and LGBTQ writers, the Dallas Morning News reported. The list included books astir racism similar “Caste” by Isabel Wilkerson; astir gender-queerness, similar “Beyond The Gender Binary” by Alok Vaid-Menon; and astir queer relationships, similar “In The Dream House” by Carmen Maria Machado.

Krause declined to archer the Texas Tribune and different media outlets astir the circumstantial intent of the inquiry.

The Texas State Teachers Association called Krause’s probe a “witch hunt.”

Abbott signed a new Texas law successful June broadly seeking to artifact teachers from talking astir achromatic supremacy, racism and privilege successful classrooms.

Like the governor’s missive connected “pornography” successful schoolhouse libraries, the caller instrumentality is vague, leaving Texas teachers HuffPost spoke to unsure of what they tin and can’t teach.

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