Thailand denies entry to model who denounced Myanmar junta in pageant speech

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Bangkok, Thailand A Myanmar exemplary who took refuge successful Thailand aft speaking retired against a subject coup successful her homeland has been blocked from returning to Bangkok, Thai authorities said connected Thursday, implicit what her manager said was an Interpol notice.

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Han Lay, who captured planetary attraction past twelvemonth with a moving quality pageant code calling for urgent assistance for Myanmar's radical during a military crackdown, did not person a valid visa to participate Thailand, the migration section said.

    The 23-year-old was not being detained and arrangements were being made for her to committee a formation retired of Thailand, the section said successful a statement.

      Nawit Itsaragrisil, laminitis of Thailand's Miss Grand International pageant, who besides represents Han Lay, said she had been successful the transit country of a Bangkok airdrome since Wednesday afternoon.

      He said Han Lay was stopped connected accomplishment due to the fact that she was taxable of an Interpol notice.

      "She doesn't privation to spell anyplace else. She wants to unrecorded successful Thailand," helium told Reuters. "She's waiting for a solution connected however she tin enactment successful Thailand."

        Myanmar has been situation since a coup successful February past twelvemonth triggered protests that the subject suppressed with lethal unit and thousands of arrests.

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        Since seizing power, the junta led by Min Aung Hlaing has embarked connected a bloody crackdown against immoderate absorption to its rule.

        The junta's crackdown has included aggregate targets, from pro-democracy and younker groups, to activists, politicians and adjacent celebrities and societal media influencers.

        The subject has been accused of crimes against humanity and warfare crimes by the United States, the United Nations and different planetary bodies arsenic it attempts to asseverate control implicit the people, who proceed to wage a wide absorption campaign.

        A spokesperson for Myanmar's ruling subject assembly could not beryllium reached for comment. Interpol did not instantly respond to a petition for remark connected whether Han Lay was the taxable of an Interpol notice.

        Han Lay was a contestant successful the Miss Grand International erstwhile videos went viral connected societal media of her warring backmost tears connected signifier erstwhile talking astir the bloodshed successful Myanmar, connected a time erstwhile much than 140 demonstrators were killed.

          In an interrogation with Reuters past year, she said her radical "will ne'er springiness up".

          Han Lay's Instagram postings bespeak she has spent astir of the past twelvemonth successful Thailand. She was returning to the state connected a formation from Vietnam erstwhile she was denied entry.

          Additional reporting by CNN's Heather Chen.

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