'The Crown' To Pause Filming Following Queen Elizabeth's Death

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The Crown” is expected to intermission accumulation pursuing the decease of Queen Elizabeth II retired of respect for the British monarch, according to the writer of the Netflix humanities drama.

″‘The Crown’ is simply a emotion missive to her and I’ve thing to adhd for now, conscionable soundlessness and respect. I expect we volition halt filming retired of respect too,” Peter Morgan told Deadline successful an email.

The amusement is presently filming its sixth season.

According to Deadline, Netflix has agelong had plans successful spot should the queen dice during its run. One of the show’s directors and producers said astatine the clip of its 2016 premiere that the amusement would halt accumulation for a respectable play of clip if it happened.

“None of america cognize erstwhile that clip volition travel but it would beryllium close and due to amusement respect to the Queen,” Stephen Daldry, a manager and shaper for the show, said successful 2016, according to Deadline. “It would beryllium a elemental tribute and a people of respect. She’s a planetary fig and it’s what we should do.”

Claire Foy, Olivia Colman and Imelda Staunton person played Elizabeth astatine antithetic stages of her beingness passim the series.

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