The EPA is investigating the Jackson, Mississippi, water crisis as residents remain under a boil-water advisory. Here's what it would take to end it

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(CNN)The US Environmental Protection Agency is investigating the h2o situation that has affected the astir 150,000 residents of Jackson, Mississippi, who stay nether a boil-water advisory.

"I tin corroborate that the EPA Office of Inspector General began sending unit to Jackson to cod information and behaviour interviews," Jennifer Kaplan, a spokesperson for the office, told CNN Sunday. Similar investigations into the tainted h2o situation successful Flint, Michigan, led to transgression charges and a slew of lawsuits.

Weeks aft the city's main water attraction works began failing, leaving Jackson residents without drinking water, h2o unit has been restored. But the liquid coming retired of taps is inactive unsafe to drink.

"There are inactive concerns astir the depletion of that water," Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba said Sunday connected CBS's "Face the Nation," according to a transcript of the interview.

The city's boil-water advisory, issued much than six weeks ago, means pat h2o indispensable beryllium boiled earlier being utilized to drink, cook, marque ice, lavation dishes oregon brushwood teeth. On Friday, Mississippi Today newsman Molly Minta posted a video of acheronian brownish h2o she said was flowing from the pat successful her Jackson home.

For Jackson and Flint, the h2o  whitethorn  beryllium  backmost  but the spot    is gone

The existent acute crisis began erstwhile dense rainfall caused the Pearl River to flood, affecting attraction processes aft pumps astatine the main h2o attraction installation were already damaged. Residents had to line up for hours to get cases of h2o for drinking, cooking and adjacent flushing their toilets.

The city's h2o problems spell backmost years, and boil-water advisories person go astir a information of beingness successful Mississippi's capital. In aboriginal 2020, the strategy failed an EPA inspection, which recovered the drinking h2o had the imaginable to beryllium big to harmful bacteria oregon parasites.

Last year, galore residents were without h2o for a period aft pipes froze and burst during a February storm.

 Jackson's h2o  situation  follows years of economical  decline

The contiguous boil-water advisory was issued successful precocious July aft cloudy h2o astatine the O.B. Curtis works was blamed connected precocious levels of the mineral manganese, "combined with the usage of lime," the metropolis said. In bid for the advisory to beryllium lifted, h2o unit has to beryllium sustained, and the metropolis needs "two rounds of wide samples," it said successful an update Monday.

"There indispensable beryllium 2 consecutive days of wide investigating (120 samples some days)," Mississippi State Department of Health spokesperson Liz Sharlot told CNN successful an email.

The samples are pulled by the EPA, the Department of Environmental Quality, oregon the city, she said. A certified laboratory past runs the tests.

"Investigatory sampling volition proceed contiguous to show h2o quality," the politician said astatine a quality league Monday. "The organisation strategy is not acceptable for afloat sampling to wide the boil h2o notice."

"There is immoderate optimism astir those investigatory samples," helium said. "We are optimistic that we're looking astatine a substance of days, not weeks, earlier we tin expect the boil-water announcement to beryllium lifted."

Another setback

One of 2 imperishable pumps that had been repaired and reinstalled Saturday was recovered to request much repair, the politician said Monday.

"This does not impact existent works input," the metropolis said successful an update Monday.

Both defective earthy h2o pumps are expected to beryllium "coming connected tract astir the aforesaid time," the politician said, though it's chartless erstwhile that volition be.

Outside teams from South Carolina, Michigan and Maryland are connected site, helping the plant's staff, the politician said, and teams from Ohio volition get Monday.

Systemic problems

Jackson's h2o problems are mostly systemic -- aged and leaky pipes, malfunctions astatine attraction plants and insufficient wealth to hole the problems, according to a study by the Mississippi Center for Investigative Reporting that the Clarion Ledger paper published successful January.

Staffing astatine the works besides has been a problem. EPA unit recovered during a March sojourn that the metropolis did not person capable staffing for the system, starring to regular and preventative attraction not being carried out.

Everyone knew Jackson's h2o  situation  was coming

The metropolis was allocated immoderate $40 cardinal for its h2o strategy from the American Rescue Plan, but Lumumba said Sunday that it had received it successful tranches, with the "lion's share" going toward repairing and replacing captious infrastructure similar h2o lines and attraction facilities. Eight cardinal dollars of the American Rescue Plan wealth was spent connected 1 tube alone, helium said.

The politician said past year the metropolis needs "literally much than a cardinal dollars to regenerate our full system."

CNN's Hannah Sarisohn contributed to this report.

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