The Italian version of fondue is so luscious, it requires a spoon

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(CNN) — The Swiss are celebrated for fondue, but their neighbors successful Italy person their ain instrumentality connected this delectable, melted food dish.

The accepted Swiss mentation melts unneurotic a assortment of cheeses with vino and a small spot of cornstarch for a creaseless texture. Then the food substance is enactment successful a cookware rubbed down with a chopped ail clove and seasoned with nutmeg and achromatic pepper.

But connected the different broadside of the Alps, successful the portion of Valle d'Aosta, the Italians person their ain mentation of fondue called fonduta.

Instead of Emmentaler and Gruyère, the Italians usage conscionable 1 cheese: fontina.

Fontina is simply a creamy semihard food with a mild, nutty flavor.

"Italian fontina food from cows fed connected saccharine grass, precocious connected these mountains, marque the fondue truthful luscious that it doesn't request the achromatic vino they adhd successful France oregon Switzerland," Stanley Tucci said.

"Oh, my God, that is truthful good," Tucci said, dipping his breadstuff successful the lukewarm pot. "So delicious!"

(From left) Sommelier and section  teacher   Cecilia Lazzarotto and Tucci stock  a repast  of determination   specialties from Valle d'Aosta astatine  Alpage Restaurant.

(From left) Sommelier and section teacher Cecilia Lazzarotto and Tucci stock a repast of determination specialties from Valle d'Aosta astatine Alpage Restaurant.

Matt Holyoak

Fonduta Valdostana

(Valle d'Aosta Fondue)

If you'd similar to adhd a gourmet touch, apical the fondue with freshly grated achromatic truffles, which are successful play from December to aboriginal March and disposable astatine online specialty stores. As an alternate option, effort presliced truffle flakes, disposable online year-round.

Makes 2 servings


2 ¼ cups | 500 grams fontina

2 cups | 500 milliliters milk

4 ovum yolks

1 ¼ tablespoons | 10 grams all-purpose flour

Black truffle flakes, preferably freshly grated (optional)


Boiled potatoes

Toasted croutons


Bain-marie oregon treble boiler

Fondue pot

Fondue gel substance (if the cookware is not electric)


1. Start by removing the outer crust of the fontina, past portion it thinly. Cut the fontina into cubes and transportation the food to a rectangular baking crockery and determination the beverage implicit it.

2. Drain the food and acceptable speech the excess beverage for aboriginal (in measurement four). Place the cubes of food successful a saucepan. Fill a bain-marie with h2o and marque definite the h2o doesn't interaction the bottommost of the saucepan. This abstraction betwixt the h2o and the nutrient helps support the somesthesia changeless and the nutrient from overheating. Next, spot the saucepan connected top, and navigator the fontina implicit mean heat, stirring with a woody spoon, until the food is melted, 10-15 minutes. At first, you volition spot a mass, past dilatory the food volition melt and go much fluid.

3. Once you person reached the desired consistency, determination successful the ovum yolks 1 astatine a time, past adhd the flour and premix continuously.

4. Add the leftover beverage from measurement 2 arsenic needed to marque definite the consistency is creaseless and creamy.

5. Stir good and navigator for different 10 minutes. Finally, region from vigor and blend the food mixture.

6. Once ready, determination the fondue into the fondue pot. If utilizing a fondue cookware that has a burner, travel the manufacturer's instructions for preparing and lighting gel substance astatine the basal beneath the cookware that volition support the fondue lukewarm and sphere its fluid consistency.

7. Serve the fondue immediately, portion it's inactive hot, with boiled potatoes and toasted croutons.

8. Flavor the fondue with truffle flakes, if desired.

This look is courtesy of Lorella Tamone of Alpage Restaurant successful Breuil-Cervinia, Italy.

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