The Key Players in the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

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U.S.|Here’s who is who successful the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

Judge Bruce Schroeder speaks to the attorneys successful  Kyle Rittenhouse’s proceedings  earlier  the assemblage   enters the courtroom astatine  Kenosha County Courthouse.
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  • Nov. 2, 2021Updated 4:49 p.m. ET

Here is simply a rundown of the cardinal figures successful the courtroom for the proceedings of Kyle Rittenhouse successful Kenosha, Wis. Mr. Rittenhouse faces six charges — 5 felony counts and 1 misdemeanor — successful transportation with the shooting deaths of 2 men and the wounding of a 3rd during protests and unrest successful Kenosha successful August 2020. The astir superior complaint helium faces, intentional homicide, carries a beingness sentence.

  • Kyle Rittenhouse was 17 successful August 2020, and was surviving with his mother, Wendy Rittenhouse, successful an flat successful Antioch, Ill., a half-hour thrust from Kenosha, wherever his begetter lives.

  • His societal media posts indicated support for Blue Lives Matter and an ambition to enactment successful instrumentality enforcement. He joined a cadet programme for teenagers who privation to beryllium constabulary officers.

  • On the evening of the shootings, Mr. Rittenhouse was equipped with a military-style semiautomatic rifle, and joined a radical of equipped men who said they were determination to support businesses.

  • Bruce Schroeder, 75, is the longest-serving circuit tribunal justice successful Wisconsin, and is known for moving a strict courtroom.

  • He graduated from Marquette Law School successful 1970 and worked arsenic a authoritative earlier becoming a circuit justice successful 1983.

  • Because self-defense is an contented astatine the trial, Judge Schroeder has ordered that the word “victim” cannot beryllium used to notation to the radical who were shot. They tin beryllium called “rioters” oregon “looters” lone if it is established successful tribunal that they were rioting oregon looting, helium has said.

  • The pb authoritative is Thomas Binger, a Kenosha County adjunct territory attorney.

  • Mr. Binger has been a authoritative successful the region for 7 years. Before that, helium was a lawyer successful backstage practice, and earlier successful his vocation was an adjunct territory lawyer successful Milwaukee County, according to an online résumé. He ran unsuccessfully for territory lawyer successful neighboring Racine County successful 2016.

  • He has clashed with Judge Schroeder respective times during pretrial hearings successful the Rittenhouse case.

  • Mr. Rittenhouse’s pb lawyer is Mark Richards, 59, a seasoned transgression defence lawyer and erstwhile prosecutor. He chiefly represents radical accused of convulsive crimes oregon cause crimes.

  • He joined Mr. Rittenhouse’s defence squad successful September 2020, and took complaint of the defence successful January 2021, replacing John Pierce.

  • Another lawyer connected the defence squad is Corey Chirafisi, a erstwhile authoritative based successful Madison, Wis.

  • Twenty radical — 11 women and 9 menwere selected to perceive the case, from a excavation of astir 150 prospective jurors.

  • Ultimately, 12 of the jurors volition deliberate connected a verdict.

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