The pieces of paper this nun carries reveal the hidden stories of the US-Mexico border

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Reynosa, Mexico (CNN)Migrants manus Sister Norma Pimentel small pieces of insubstantial arsenic she walks astir the structure wherever galore of them person been surviving for months.

Some of the handwritten notes person their names and numbers. Others pen the horrors of the unfettered unit they escaped successful their location countries oregon elsewhere successful Mexico.

"It's a life, each azygous 1 of them," Pimentel says.

    One of the astir well-known migrant advocates successful the Rio Grande Valley and manager of the region's Catholic Charities, Pimentel helps tally respite centers and faith-based shelters, similar Reynosa's Senda de Vida, connected some sides of the border, caring for thousands of people.

      The stories connected each insubstantial she receives are different, but they each person 1 happening successful common: the writer was expelled by US migration authorities to Mexico nether Title 42 -- a pandemic nationalist wellness bid that has been successful spot for 2 years and allows the US to nonstop migrants, careless of their nationality, to Mexico oregon backmost to their location countries.

      Sister Norma Pimentel holds 1  of the galore  small  papers handed to her during her caller    sojourn  to Senda de Vida. This peculiar  insubstantial  tells the communicative   of a Haitian woman.

      The effect successful borderline cities is staggering to see. Shelters are packed with hopeless people. There are besides structure cities wherever immoderate slumber with lone tarps implicit their heads, without knowing wherever their adjacent repast volition travel from.

      They are successful conditions that marque susceptible migrants -- galore of whom are fleeing unit and extortion successful their location countries -- casual prey for transgression organizations.

        But their concern could soon change: The Biden administration's recent announcement that it volition beryllium lifting nationalist wellness restrictions astatine the borderline means migrants whitethorn person a accidental to transverse without facing contiguous expulsion.

        More than 7,000 migrants, mostly from Central America and Haiti, are waiting successful Reynosa for Title 42 to lift, according to Pimentel. She is successful interaction with the Port Director of the Hidalgo International Bridge to coordinate a harmless transition for them -- the details are inactive being worked out, Pimentel says.

        At slightest erstwhile a week, Pimentel visits Senda de Vida. She doesn't cognize wherefore migrants manus the notes to her, but she takes their stories and pleas for assistance to God, who she calls her "boss."

        Sister Norma Pimentel was offered a wound  to devour   by the migrants she serves astatine  Senda de Vida, a religion  based shelter.

        "I conscionable archer my boss, I say, 'It's your people. You person to usher maine and archer maine what I request to bash to assistance them. If you deliberation we can, amusement maine the way,'" says Pimentel.

        Now, determination is renewed anticipation among those astatine the structure -- for an extremity to their agonizing hold and, astatine last, a changeable astatine the American dream.

        Nearly 10,000 cases of unit against migrants

        Many of the migrants astatine the structure were expelled by US migration authorities to the ft of the planetary span that connects Hidalgo, Texas, and Reynosa, Mexico. It's a unsafe plaza, according to Pimentel.

        "It's a abstraction that is not protected," she says. "The children are not safe; they tin beryllium taken (kidnapped) oregon the youngest could beryllium raped."

        A migrant pistillate from El Salvador, who CNN volition telephone Matilde, breaks down crying portion talking astir the plaza. (Pimentel asked CNN to not to sanction migrants owed to the dangers they look successful Reynosa and successful their location countries.)

        A fewer months ago, the plaza was taken implicit by heavy equipped men wearing masks, Matilde says. She describes however her 9-year-old girl was shaking with fearfulness arsenic the takeover unfolded.

        Matilde inactive sees her girl responding to the trauma of that day, adjacent though clip has passed, she adds.

        "Sometimes erstwhile she is sleeping, she shakes and jumps up successful fear. Believe me, we person gone done truthful galore things during our travel (and) astatine the plaza," she says.

        We're expecting a large  summation   successful  migrants astatine  the US-Mexico border. But this clip  is different

        Since President Biden took office, Human Rights First has identified astir 10,000 cases of kidnapping, torture, rape oregon different convulsive attacks connected radical blocked oregon expelled to Mexico nether Title 42.

        The Trump medication enactment Title 42 successful spot during the aboriginal days of the pandemic, arguing the argumentation would halt the dispersed of Covid-19 -- a assertion immoderate nationalist wellness experts questioned. Many advocates expected President Biden would assistance the bid erstwhile helium took office, fixed his run promises to physique a much humane migration system. Instead, his medication defended the arguable argumentation for months successful court.

        The Senda de Vida structure  successful  Reynosa has been successful  cognition  for astir   3  decades, according to Sister Norma Pimentel.

        It wasn't until March 2022 -- much than a twelvemonth into his presidency -- that officials announced the argumentation would beryllium lifted. That's sparked interest among US politicians connected some sides of the aisle, who fearfulness the Biden medication doesn't person capable of a program successful spot to grip the expected summation successful migrants astatine the border.

        But present successful Reynosa, clip is simply a large interest for asylum-seekers. Migrants look information each day, Pimentel says, and determination isn't capable structure abstraction to support them safe.

        The fig of migrants successful Reynosa is fluid and changes by the day, according to Pimentel. She estimates astir 3,000 migrants are presently staying successful the plaza -- immoderate with lone a tarp to support them from the elements and small to support them from different dangers successful this borderline city.

        Migrants are helping physique a caller structure portion they wait

        A Honduran woman's look lights up arsenic she proudly shows disconnected her shovel. She's portion of a unit of migrants helping Pimentel physique a new, larger structure -- with a capableness for 3,000 radical -- portion they hold for a accidental to participate the United States.

        "For me, it's a pleasance helping others," says the woman, who CNN volition telephone Nora.

        Nora says she fled Honduras aft gangs bushed 1 of her daughters truthful badly, she mislaid the babe she was carrying. "I had to permission my home," Nora says successful a breached voice. "I ain nothing."

        The squad  of migrant operation  workers helping to physique  a 2nd  structure  aftermath  up   astatine  5 a.m. to statesman  their day-long shift, Pimentel says.

        She's been waiting connected the borderline for much than a twelvemonth for Title 42 to lift, Nora says.

        Recently, she says she's noticed the concern successful Reynosa has started to change.

        Before, astir of the migrants astatine Senda were from Central America and Mexico. In caller weeks, Nora says Ukrainians person started arriving astatine Senda, excessively -- and they person been allowed to transverse the borderline aft waiting lone a fewer days.

        The exile  situation  is overmuch  bigger than Ukraine

        The US Department of Homeland Security precocious issued a memo telling borderline authorities to see exempting Ukrainians from Title 42 connected a case-by-case basis. That's sparked criticism that the US is applying a treble standard: letting Ukrainians successful portion galore different hopeless and deserving migrants are forced to wait. The caput of DHS has denied that allegation.

        Nora says she's seen Ukrainians participate the US earlier the thousands of others from Central America, Haiti and different nations who person been waiting for months. But Nora says she's not opposed to the exemption.

        "We've lone been threatened by the gangs," Nora explains. "In Ukraine, determination is war."

        'Give america an opportunity'

        For different migrants, the agelong hold has been devastating.

        A pistillate hands Pimentel a portion of insubstantial and breaks down crying. "I didn't recognize the American imagination was going to crook to this," she says.

        Pimentel listens intently arsenic the pistillate explains that she near her location state to reunite with her 17-year-old lad successful North Carolina. Her son, she says, wanted a amended beingness successful the US -- and what other is simply a parent to do?

        The woman's parting words are a connection for President Biden: "Give america an opportunity."

        Biden tries to illustration  a caller   way  connected  the US-Mexico border, but akin  roadblocks remain

          Pimentel folds the portion of insubstantial and stuffs it into a zippered purse she wears astir her neck, on with the countless different messages she's received.

          "I'm hopeful that idiosyncratic tin perceive to their communicative and perceive the information that they are hurting, and they request protection," Pimentel says. "That's each they are asking for."

          CNN's Catherine E. Shoichet contributed to this report.

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