The story of the husband-murdering author of “How to Murder Your Husband” is coming to Lifetime.

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Jessie Gaynor

January 4, 2023, 9:53am

For today’s entry in Stories That Simply Feel Right: The tale of Nancy Crampton Brophy—self-published romance novelist and author of the (in retrospect, ill-advised) essay “How to Murder Your Husband,” who was recently convicted of, yes, murdering her husband—is coming to Lifetime.

The movie, How to Murder Your Husband: The Nancy Brophy Story, stars Cybill Shepherd as Brophy and Steve Guttenberg(!) as the late Daniel Craig Brophy.

The trailer is a real treat, particularly this snippet of an extremely triggering for writers exchange between the spouses:

Daniel: What does it matter if the books get published?
Nancy: What are you trying to say?

I have no idea if the real-life murder was in any way motivated by Daniel’s unhelpful comments about Nancy’s writing career (according to the prosecution, it was more about the $1.4 million life insurance policy), but as a plot point… I like it. You can watch the trailer below, with the full movie premiering January 14 on Lifetime (television for women [writers]).

[h/t Fox12 Oregon]

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