They vanished nearly eight years ago. Will Mexico bring their attackers to justice?

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Mexico City (CNN)Grieving parents marched successful the streets of Mexico City past week, successful their archetypal protestation since the merchandise o a shocking Mexican authorities study that blamed the country's subject and constabulary for the disappearance of 43 students, astir 8 years ago.

Carrying posters with photos of their sons and calling for justice, relatives of the missing told CNN they hoped the study mightiness yet effect successful transgression punishments for those responsible.

    The renewed calls for justness travel aft a authorities information committee presented its bombshell study connected August 18, which concluded that the students who vanished were victims of "state sponsored crime."

      Finding the information astir what happened to the 43 students was 1 of Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador's 100 run promises during the statesmanlike predetermination successful July 2018. The renewed enquiry nether his presidency linked federal, authorities and section authorities -- galore of them unnamed -- to "...the disappearance and execution of the students."

      Don Margarito Guerrero, whose lad   Jhosivani Guerrero, on  with 2  of his nephews are among the 43 disappeared, participates successful  a monthly march successful  Mexico City to request  justice.

      It besides said that an bid had been fixed to transportation retired the 2014 atrocity, but the study stopped abbreviated of naming who gave the order.

      On September 26, 2014, the college-aged students were en way to Mexico City, commemorating the day of the 1968 Tlatelolco massacre, wherever authorities forces killed arsenic galore arsenic 300 pupil demonstrators.

        While traveling done the southwestern metropolis of Iguala, the Ayotzinapa students were intercepted by section constabulary and national subject forces. Exactly what happened aft remains unknown, since astir of the missing students were ne'er found. But bullet-riddled buses were aboriginal seen successful the city's streets with shattered windows and blood. Survivors from the archetypal radical of 100 said their buses had besides been stopped by equipped constabulary officers and soldiers who abruptly opened fire.

        No 1 has ever been convicted successful narration to the students' disappearance. But the caller study truthful acold has led to much than 80 apprehension warrants being issued against members of Mexico's military, constabulary and cartels.

        Mexico's erstwhile lawyer wide Jesús Murillo Karam -- the precise antheral who antecedently led the government's probe into the disappearance -- is among the arrested connected allegations including forced disappearance and torture.

        Murillo Karam's defence argued the crimes attributed to his lawsuit were not supported since they were backed by statements and property conferences fixed astatine the clip by the erstwhile lawyer connected the lawsuit and were "taken retired of context."

        Mexico's Attorney General Jesus Murillo Karam astatine  the extremity  of a property   league  successful  Mexico City connected  December 7, 2014. Murillo Karam announced that immoderate   of the quality  remains precocious    recovered  were identified arsenic  belonging to 1  of the trainee teachers missing from September 26.

        Still, immoderate parents of the missing garbage to judge their children are dead, citing a deficiency of factual evidence.

        "[The officials] don't accidental anything," Don Margarito Guerrero said. "That's wherefore we request to proceed fighting. We volition not backmost down until we cognize something." His 21-year-old son, Jhosivani Guerrero, on with 2 of his nephews are among the 43 disappeared. Guerrero says his son, the youngest of his children, worked hard selling h2o to assistance gain wealth and enjoyed studying.

        Earlier this month, Mexico's apical quality rights authoritative Alejandro Encinas revealed that six of the students were "allegedly held live for respective days successful what they telephone 'La Bodega Vieja' and from determination were turned implicit to [a military] colonel...."

        Encinas said that, according to the report, the Army serviceman gave the bid to execute the students held captive successful the warehouse.

        "It is presumed that six of the students remained live for 4 days aft the events and that they were killed and disappeared...," helium added.

        But parents similar Maximino Hernandez Cruz, who grasps for the rapidly fading memories of his 19-year-old lad Carlos, privation justice.

        After 8 years his emotions are subdued; his tears person astir tally dry, leaving down a adjacent imperishable fatigue successful his eyes.

        "We privation those liable to beryllium punished.... They request to wage for what they did to our children," Hernandez Cruz said. "We are suffering. We are dormant inside."

        Family members and friends march seeking justness  for the missing 43 Ayotzinapa students successful  Mexico City, Friday, Aug. 26, 2022. Six of the 43 assemblage   students "disappeared" successful  2014 were allegedly kept live  successful  a warehouse for days past    turned implicit    to the section  service  commandant  who ordered them killed, the Mexican authorities  authoritative  starring  a Truth Commission said Friday.

        A ineffable place

        Before traveling into Mexico City for their monthly protests, the parents of the 43 disappeared archetypal conscionable successful the tiny farming municipality of Ayotzinapa. They stitchery astatine the schoolhouse wherever their sons lived, worked and studied. Photos and murals, reminders of "the 43", situation the sprawling agrarian campus.

        "It reminds you that they were besides portion of Ayotzinapa," a existent student, who wished lone to beryllium identified arsenic "Cesar", told america arsenic helium shared however the disappearance of the 43 has impacted chap students and teachers. "They were our classmates, and adjacent though they're the ones who disappeared, we cognize that it could hap to immoderate 1 of us."

        Under the structure of a bladed metallic extortion and exposed walls, placed connected what was erstwhile a hoops court, are 43 bare schoolroom chairs with photos of the disappeared taped to each one. Cesar calls it a "sacred space", 1 successful which the existent Ayotzinapa students respect by not playing sports oregon large euphony nearby.

        The teacher's assemblage   Escuela Normal Rural de Ayotzinapa successful  Mexico's confederate  authorities   of Guerrero.

        Escuela Normal Rural of Ayotzinapa is among Mexico's alleged teacher's colleges. The schoolhouse serves to amended mostly impoverished, rural, indigenous communities. It grants university-aged students opportunities, from learning academics to beingness skills, similar farming.

        "As farmers, we don't person a batch of resources," Maximino Hernandez Cruz said. He said helium had been grateful to person a escaped acquisition for his son, coupled with country and board.

        "We didn't person capable wealth to nonstop him to a backstage school. That's wherefore helium attended Escuela Normal Rural. They gave the students shelter, food, everything they wanted," Hernandez Cruz said.

        Normal de Ayotzinapa pupil  Cesar talks to CNN's David Culver successful  the hoops  tribunal  turned memorial for the 43 disappeared students.

        The schoolhouse is besides known to animate activism, encouraging students to question the presumption quo and clasp those successful powerfulness accountable.

        "We truly request to rise our voices truthful that the radical perceive to us, perceive to our demands, our needs, due to the fact that arsenic students if we don't rise our voices, they don't genuinely wage attraction to us," 1 of the students said, who asked to beryllium identified nether a pseudonym, "Alexander Mora".

        The 20-year-old described the value of the school's scope into underserved communities, similar those successful the Mexican authorities of Guerrero.

        "We person to foster radical of each backgrounds to beryllium represented truthful that they tin assistance alteration nine for a amended future...," Mora said.

        Infiltrated by 'corruption and cartel violence'

        The travel to Mexico City from Ayotzinapa is simply a astir 5-hour thrust done winding, mountainous roads done the Mexican authorities of Guerrero. Lush greenery masks what locals picture arsenic a spot infiltrated by corruption and cartel violence.

        The US State Department warns American citizens against traveling to the authorities owed to transgression and kidnappings. "Armed groups run independently of the authorities successful galore areas of Guerrero," it says. "Members of these groups often support roadblocks and whitethorn usage unit towards travellers."

        Family members and friends march seeking justness  for the missing 43 Ayotzinapa students successful  Mexico City, Friday, Aug. 26, 2022. Six of the 43 assemblage   students "disappeared" successful  2014 were allegedly kept live  successful  a warehouse for days past    turned implicit    to the section  service  commandant  who ordered them killed, the Mexican authorities  authoritative  starring  a Truth Commission said Friday.

        Loved ones of the missing 43, present dedicated to a beingness of activism, are unfazed erstwhile driving done the authorities arsenic portion of their present regular commute to the capital, wherever they collectively march for justice.

        Each month, they committee buses to Mexico City to protestation -- a way eerily akin to their sons' unfinished travel successful 2014.

        "If we conscionable fto it spell determination won't beryllium justice," Don Margarito Guerrero said. "... The aforesaid happening volition hap again and again.... That's wherefore we're fighting."

        They cannot question acold successful Guerrero without spotting graffiti and photos that notation either "the 43" oregon the much than 100,000 radical estimated to person disappeared successful Mexico since the 1960's.

        Theirs is conscionable a illustration of the suffering dispersed crossed the country.

        In Mexico, families of the disappeared person formed much than 130 "search collectives" to analyse disappearances connected their own, according to Human Rights Watch.

        And according to a 2022 study by the International Committee of the Red Cross, 40,000 relatives of radical who person gone missing successful Mexico implicit the years person taken portion successful grooming sessions successful the hunt for their loved ones.

          Still, determination are moments successful which Guerrero's grief is clouded by a hopeful memory.

          "I retrieve however he'd ever amusement up somewhere, wearing his sweater implicit his shoulder," Guerrero says with a worn smile. "Sometimes helium tells maine he's coming, but when?"

          CNN's Marlon Sorto and Karina Maciel contributed to this report.

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