Thierry Henry says social media companies make 'money through hate' as he launches online campaign

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(CNN)Thierry Henry has accused societal media companies of making "money done hate" and says they are inactive not doing capable to combat online maltreatment connected their platforms.

The erstwhile Arsenal and Barcelona guardant has been boycotting each societal media platforms since the extremity of March pursuing a spate of online racist maltreatment aimed astatine Black footballers and what helium said was the inability of societal media companies to clasp users accountable for their actions.

His determination prompted a question of high-profile stars to travel suit, which yet led to a wide societal media blackout successful the UK from footballers and governing bodies crossed the play of April 30 to May 3.

    Speaking astatine the Web Summit successful Lisbon, Henry announced helium would beryllium launching a run on with his sponsor Puma and the Game of Our Lives instauration to assistance combat online maltreatment and enactment unit connected societal media companies to instrumentality tougher action.

      "When you find that they make wealth done hate, it is precise hard erstwhile your medicine is your poison," Henry said, arsenic reported successful the Guardian. "Being genuine and being bully doesn't make money.

      "We request help, we've each been touched by it," helium added, arsenic reported by France 24. "Me, arsenic an individual, I'm OK without it [social media]. We request assistance from radical successful higher positions. We request to travel unneurotic to marque definite that those radical possibly legislate a instrumentality that volition marque those platforms much accountable.

      "I don't deliberation they're doing thing adjacent what is required for america to consciousness harmless connected it. They're not truly trying to alteration anything."

      In a connection sent to CNN, a Meta spokesperson said: "We person perfectly nary commercialized incentive, nary motivation incentive, nary company-wide inducement to bash thing different than to effort to springiness the maximum fig of radical arsenic overmuch of a affirmative acquisition arsenic imaginable crossed our apps, and that is what we bash time successful and time out.

      "The maturation of radical oregon advertisers utilizing our apps means thing if our services aren't being utilized successful ways that bring radical person together.

      "No 1 should person to acquisition racist maltreatment anywhere, and we don't privation it connected our apps. We region hateful contented arsenic soon arsenic we find it and respond rapidly to valid ineligible requests to assistance with constabulary investigations."

      Twitter was not instantly disposable for comment.

      Speaking exclusively to CNN backmost successful May, Henry explained his archetypal determination to delete each of his societal media accounts, which had a combined pursuing of 11 cardinal people, saying that, "When we travel together, it's ... powerful."

      "At the precise beginning, you know, I was benignant of successful a weird mood, shall I say, we talked a batch passim those moments and I was like: 'People are not realizing what's astatine involvement present and the occupation that we person successful this nine close now,'" helium said.

      Thierry Henry speaking astatine  the Web Summit successful  Lisbon, Portugal.

        "But I was ever talking and ever mentioned the spot of the pack, and sometimes, erstwhile you're unsocial to shriek something, you consciousness lonely -- but I'm not talking astir me, I'm talking astir the radical that don't person a voice. I'm talking astir the radical that person been abused, harassed for the mode they look, for what they judge in, for the colour of their tegument connected societal media.

        "Maybe, if I travel disconnected societal media, arsenic you know, taking a basal for the radical that don't possibly person a voice, possibly you tin make a question due to the fact that of maine coming disconnected societal media. People would similar to cognize why, and they wanted to cognize why. But successful the aftermath of it, determination was a small play wherever I was like: 'Well, it's benignant of a shame that radical are not reacting.'"

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