This family was torn apart in Kabul. One year later, they're still not back together

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(CNN)The nighttime earlier Masi and his begetter were acceptable to permission Afghanistan, the 16-year-old could not sleep. The past clip helium had gone to the airport, his beingness had been shattered, his household torn apart.

"I didn't cognize however to spell to the airdrome again," Masi said. "It wasn't casual for me."

When helium and his father, Ahmad Wali Stanekzai, arrived astatine Kabul International Airport successful April, they were flooded with atrocious memories of 8 months before, erstwhile the full household had joined the crowds successful a hopeless effort to permission Afghanistan aft the superior fell to the Taliban.

    Then determination was the detonation -- an ISIS-K termination attack. The household was separated successful the chaos. His parent was killed; helium and his begetter were separated from his younger 2 siblings, who were injured.

      Masi Stanekzai is seen successful  this undated photo.

      Now, much than 4 months aft arriving successful Qatar from Afghanistan, and much than a twelvemonth aft that deadly attack, the household inactive isn't backmost together.

      "I consciousness truthful upset erstwhile I retrieve however we separated and mislaid our mom," Masi said.

      "I person experienced the worst trauma arsenic a child," helium told CNN via text. "I request my freedom. I privation to reunite with my member and sister. I privation to unrecorded successful my location with the remainder of my family."

        The remainder of his household is surviving successful Virginia. His siblings -- 14-year-old Faisal and 8-year-old Mina -- yet made it into their aunt Ferishta Stanekzai's attraction aft being separated from their parents successful the blast past August. Mina and Faisal, on with a neighbor, made it into the airdrome and onto a level to Germany, wherever they were treated for their injuries astatine Landstuhl infirmary earlier coming to the US, wherever they besides received attraction astatine Walter Reed aesculapian halfway extracurricular of Washington, DC.

        The past year, and past period successful particular, person been hard for the household successful Virginia, Ferishta said.

        Both of the children are inactive moving done the trauma they experienced. Mina regularly has nightmares, fits of anger, and has astatine times begged to spell to Qatar to beryllium with her begetter and brother, her aunt told CNN.

        "Sometimes she's asking a batch of questions astir her ma -- wherefore she was killed and wherefore cipher helped her," Ferishta said.

        It has been challenging for Ferishta, too, arsenic she cares for her nephew and niece, deals with some their guardianship lawsuit and her member and different nephew's case, and besides works astatine her mean job.

        "Managing this all, everything becomes truthful hard for maine and time by time it gets truthful hard managing," she said.

        Members of the Stanekzai household  are seen successful  this undated photo.

        "Like overnight I go a azygous ma without knowing, like, however to enroll the kids into schools. It each was similar a caller acquisition for me," Ferishta added.

        Mina, who is successful 3rd grade, told CNN she likes school. Her favourite taxable is carnal education. She enjoys "jumping and running," and the doc told her that her limb -- which was injured successful the onslaught successful Kabul -- is okay, but sometimes it hurts, she said.

        The household members talk each day. Mina tells her older member and begetter that she loves them. Masi gets to perceive astir their school. He said it makes him blessed to spot them successful their schoolhouse uniforms.

        "I anticipation I besides tin deterioration a schoolhouse azygous soon," Masi told CNN.

        Ferishta said she wants to spot the US authorities enactment faster to process cases, and that she and her household person not gotten wide answers astir wherefore her member and nephew person not yet been capable to travel to the United States. She and retired Air Force Lt. Gen. John Bradley, who runs the Lamia Afghan Foundation and has been moving with the family, some told CNN that Ahmad Wali and Masi person filled retired forms and had interviews and aesculapian exams.

          "They've conscionable been near unsocial and ne'er fixed overmuch information," Bradley said.

          "The household needs to beryllium backmost together. None of america would deliberation that it's due to support radical isolated for a year, from parents erstwhile they're young children," Bradley said.

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