'This is not saving, this is destruction': Ukrainian MMA champion Yaroslav Amosov recounts the horrors of war

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(CNN)As MMA combatant Yaroslav Amosov walks done the streets surrounding his hometown of Irpin, which sits astir 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) westbound of the Ukrainian superior Kyiv, determination are fleeting moments erstwhile it seems similar an mean time successful May.

The skies are wide and quiet, and birds tin beryllium heard chirping successful the trees overhead. Amosov describes the evening arsenic "calm."

But for galore Ukrainians, specified moments person been fewer and acold betwixt since Russia began its penetration connected February 24 and each fewer steps, Amosov is reminded of the demolition Vladimir Putin's warfare has brought to his homeland.

    Back successful April, section authorities said astir 50% of Irpin's captious infrastructure had been destroyed.

      "It's hard to look astatine your metropolis that was erstwhile afloat of happiness, life," Amosov, a reigning satellite champion, tells CNN Sport successful an exclusive interrogation from Ukraine.

      "It was ever precise beauteous here, radical were happy, they were blessed with their beingness and took pleasance successful it.

      "Then simply to look astatine the metropolis now, which is connected fire, which is getting destroyed and it becomes horrible to look at. You couldn't truly spell driving astir the metropolis due to the fact that the roads were covered with trees, successful immoderate places, determination were parts of houses. Destruction."

        The Ukrainian is 1 of the champion pound-for-pound fighters of his procreation and, astatine 26-0, presently holds the longest progressive unbeaten streak successful each of MMA. On May 13, helium should person been defending his welterweight satellite rubric astatine Bellator's lawsuit astatine Wembley Arena successful London.

        Yaroslav Amosov poses for photos astatine  the weigh-in earlier  challenging Dave Rickels successful  August 2019.

        Amosov was chasing Khabib Nurmagomedov's all-time unbeaten grounds of 29-0 and was scheduled to combat Michael Page successful a highly-anticipated bout, earlier Russia's penetration of Ukraine forced him to propulsion out.

        The 28-year-old had returned location from a grooming campy successful Thailand 4 days earlier the warfare began. Once Russian troops began advancing, Amosov says helium took his woman and six-month-old lad to information connected the outskirts of Ukraine earlier joining the territorial defence to assistance civilians successful and astir Irpin.

        War's grim world rapidly became apparent.

        "In the archetypal days, it was precise hard to look at, to get utilized to each these events, to look astatine however radical are moving from their houses," Amosov recalls. "Not everyone could leave, immoderate radical had parents who they couldn't permission behind, who were precise aged and can't determination properly.

        "People are moving ... taking their children, taking their parents successful their arms and running, crying, they don't cognize what to do. People are moving with their pets.

        "I saw this concern erstwhile a worker was moving holding a kid successful his arms. The child's things were each covered successful blood, but the humor was not his, it was his father's. The parent was moving behind. I don't cognize successful the extremity what happened to the child's father, but it's precise hard to watch.

        "The kid was astir apt aged 2 oregon three, but helium didn't adjacent recognize what was happening, I didn't perceive him crying, helium was conscionable astir apt successful immoderate unreal shock."

        Such was the frantic quality of those archetypal fewer days of the invasion, Amosov and his friends -- who helium says had ne'er held guns earlier -- were lone fixed little grooming connected however to run their weapons arsenic warring had already begun successful the city.

        Amosov says 1 of the moments that has stuck with him astir came a fewer weeks later, erstwhile overmuch of the metropolis had been liberated from Russian occupation.

        His squad had been going astir Irpin to administer assistance and recovered civilians who had been hiding successful basements for astir a period with constricted nutrient and water.

        Amosov should person  been defending his rubric  successful  London connected  Friday.

        He vividly recalls 1 antheral they recovered breaking down successful tears aft being handed immoderate bread. "Seeing a idiosyncratic crying conscionable due to the fact that helium is holding a portion of breadstuff is precise achy and precise achy to watch," recounts Amosov.

        Last week, Irpin politician Oleksandr Markushin said successful a connection that the bodies of 290 civilians person been recovered successful the municipality since the withdrawal of Russian forces.

        Markushin said 185 of the dormant person been identified, the bulk of whom were men. The origin of decease was "shrapnel and gunshot wounds." At slightest 5 of the dormant suffered encephalon injuries and starvation, according to Markushin.

        In total, much than 8 cardinal radical person been internally displaced successful Ukraine, according to the latest study from the International Organization for Migration (IOM), a United Nations agency.

        'You privation to support this country'

        In his darkest moments, Amosov admits helium didn't cognize whether helium would past the time to marque it to furniture each night. What kept him going, helium says, was the "crazy help" and kindness of Ukrainian citizens each day.

        Amosov and his radical would often not person clip to devour until the evening, but were regularly met astatine the roadside by civilians who had cooked nutrient and brewed blistery drinks for those helping the Ukraine warfare effort.

        Even those with astir thing would effort to springiness the soldiers something, sometimes conscionable a cocoa bar.

        "I'm arrogant that we person radical similar that and that we unrecorded successful a fantastic state similar this," helium says.

        While Amosov survived the worst of the warring successful Irpin, not everyone helium fought alongside was arsenic fortunate. After taking a mates of days distant to spell and sojourn his woman and son, Amosov says helium returned to find 1 of the young men who had joined the territorial defence with him had died.

        "It's hard to ticker erstwhile a parent buries her kid and his girlfriend, who planned a aboriginal with him, is lasting determination too," helium recalls. "This is our home, our families unrecorded present and we privation things to spell backmost arsenic they were. We lived a bully life, we were contented with everything.

        "When you look astatine each of these people, women, children, erstwhile you spot those mothers who buried their children, erstwhile you spot what is happening to your city, erstwhile your metropolis is connected fire, you privation to assistance and you privation to support this city, this country."

        Last month, a video Amosov posted of himself recovering his Bellator satellite title loop from his mother's location successful Irpin went viral.

        In the video, Amosov climbs backmost up a ladder successful the location carrying a integrative bag, which helium opens to uncover the belt.

        He laughs and says helium was "getting the loop for the 2nd time" and aboriginal posted a photograph of him holding the rubric aloft portion surrounded by a radical successful subject uniform.

        MMA champion   Yaroslav Amosov recovered his loop  from the rubble of his Iprin home.

        "At that moment, it was bully due to the fact that the loop was harmless and sound," helium says. "It was bully that my ma hid it good and it survived and that time Russian soldiers were retreating from our portion of Ukraine, truthful the temper was better.

        "But astatine the aforesaid time, I'm lasting present present and it's calm successful our metropolis and it's each good, but I recognize and cognize what's going connected successful different cities and it's hard to conscionable laughter with friends, it's hard to beryllium successful a bully temper due to the fact that aft I've been successful these situations erstwhile there's bombing each the clip and determination is shooting."

        'This is destruction'

        One time during the war, Amosov says his friends made him alert of a instrumentality of his, a young antheral who utilized to signifier martial arts but present recovered himself injured successful hospital.

        Amosov began texting the lad and soon arranged to spell and sojourn him. When helium arrived, Amosov was devastated to find that this young fan, who was conscionable 20 years old, had mislaid some of his legs successful the fighting.

        "I don't recognize wherefore radical don't judge what is going connected here, they deliberation that [Russia] person a 'special operation' going connected for redeeming people," helium says, referencing the euphemistic statement utilized by Russian officials to picture the country's penetration of Ukraine.

        "But you look astatine what's happening to Mariupol, look astatine each of the different cities that we person successful Ukraine that were damaged and galore civilians died who conscionable wanted to live. They didn't privation immoderate war, they were satisfied with everything.

        "I don't recognize however 1 could combat truthful cruelly, not by immoderate rules. I person this content that it's astir similar thing not human. How tin you enactment similar this? How galore radical were injured? How galore died? How galore mislaid their houses? And they speech astir saving? This is not saving, this is destruction."

        Once the warring successful Irpin began to subside, Amosov says helium instantly returned to his mixed martial arts training.

        Logan Storley was the combatant brought successful to regenerate Amosov for Friday's bout against Page and the Ukrainian says helium is itching to instrumentality to the cage and volition beryllium watching keenly to spot who wins.

        "Now [I'm] restoring my signifier ... I privation to return," helium says. "I privation the full of our state to instrumentality to its erstwhile beingness and I would privation to support my belt."

          Amosov admits helium doesn't cognize erstwhile that volition be, but helium does cognize what his location federation volition look similar erstwhile the warfare is yet over.

          "For each national of Ukraine, she volition look similar that champion state successful the world, the astir beauteous and the astir loved."

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