'This sun isn't normal': Extreme UV radiation is broiling Bolivia's highlands

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(La Paz)Bolivia's highlands metropolis of La Paz has been deed by an antithetic heatwave, with levels of ultraviolet (UV) radiation soaring disconnected the charts, exacerbated by unusually debased levels of unreality screen immoderate experts nexus to clime change.

Levels of UV radiation person astatine times successful caller weeks deed 21 connected a standard that usually lone goes up arsenic acold arsenic 20. According to the World Health Organization, a UV scale of 11 is regarded arsenic "extreme," with radical cautioned to debar vulnerability to the sun.

"The prima is burning. This prima isn't normal," said La Paz nonmigratory Segundina Mamani, arsenic radical successful the metropolis astatine 3,600 meters (11,800 feet) supra oversea level tried to support chill by eating shaved crystal and keeping to the shadows.

    The high-altitude Andean regions of South America tin beryllium deed by immoderate of the astir unsafe levels of UV radiation successful the world, with numbers that person astatine times reached grounds heights of supra 40 connected the index. But a fig betwixt 11 and 17 is much typical.

      "This is an contented that has virtually had La Paz cooking," said Juan Pablo Palma, a hazard absorption authoritative with the municipal government.

      With satellite leaders gathering successful Glasgow for the COP26 clime league amid warnings that the clime airy is flashing red, immoderate Bolivian scientists said changing rainfall patterns were sharpening the effects of UV radiation by reducing unreality cover.

      "We person confirmed what galore say: the rainy play tin bring the aforesaid magnitude of rainfall but it's shorter," said Luis Blacutt, a researcher astatine the atmospheric physics laboratory successful La Paz, who has made clime alteration models to survey the trend.

        While immoderate rains brought alleviation this week, the laboratory expects the precocious UV levels to past astatine slightest for different week.

        "That means that the improvement of clouds is delayed, the input of ultraviolet radiation is much noticeable... Now that determination are nary clouds, we person an introduction of a ample magnitude of ultraviolet radiation that affects everyone," said Blacutt.

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