This V-10-Swapped BMW E30 M3 Is the Most Delightful Kind of Overkill

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These days, you'd beryllium hard pressed to find anyone brainsick capable to bargain a perfectly banal E30-generation M3 and modify it. The archetypal ever M3 is simply a fast-appreciating collector car, aft all, with mill examples with debased mileage demanding implicit six figures. But conscionable a fewer years ago, these cars weren't worthy arsenic much. Which is wherefore this Australian antheral felt good swapping retired the legendary S14 from his M3 and dropping successful a 500-hp V-10.

The Fullboost YouTube transmission caught up with the proprietor of this beauteous reddish M3, Bob, to get the details connected this unthinkable swap. The V-10 is besides a BMW product, you see, taken from either an M5 oregon an M6 from the mid-2000s. In this application, it runs connected a stand-alone ECU and revs each the mode to 8300 rpm. Bob sourced a six-speed manual transmission from an E90-generation M3 to get the powerfulness to the rear wheels, though amazingly, the differential inactive uses an E30 housing. Inside you'll find an upgraded locking halfway from Quaife.

Most absorbing is Bob's claims that helium didn't person to chopped immoderate portion of the chassis oregon firewall to acceptable the powertrain wrong this E30. He did, however, person to fabricate an wholly caller subframe, a caller lipid pan, and a heavy modified steering rack to get everything to work.

Bob says helium built this M3 to thrust to the track, claiming a curb value nether 3000 pounds and a adjacent 50/50 value distribution. It's each beauteous unthinkable considering the car has much than treble the cylinders it utilized to. Of course, the fantastic power-to-weight ratio means it makes for a coagulated resistance car arsenic well. Oh, and it sounds wonderful. We're not jealous. Not 1 bit.

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