Threads now lets you quote posts on the web

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When Meta’s Threads first launched on the web, it only let you repost threads you liked. Now, you can quote them, too.

By Jay Peters, a news editor who writes about technology, video games, and virtual worlds. He’s submitted several accepted emoji proposals to the Unicode Consortium.

Sep 14, 2023, 11:20 PM UTC|

Illustration of the Threads app logo

Illustration: The Verge

I was thrilled when Threads finally launched on the web in August, but I quickly found that it was missing one important feature: you couldn’t quote posts, only repost them. (In X / Twitter lingo, that translates to quote tweet and retweet.) But that’s now changing, as Instagram Adam Mosseri said Thursday that quote posts on the web were rolled out this week.

To quote a post, just click the two arrows icon and then click the “quote” option.

A screenshot of a post from Adam Mosseri on Threads.

That quote button. Right there.

Screenshot by Jay Peters / The Verge

Mosseri also said that Threads users on mobile can follow a thread and get notifications on it. This feature apparently hasn’t rolled out for me on iOS — I can’t find it — but I expect I’ll get it soon enough.

These may seem like incremental features, but even small features help making Threads feel like it can be a proper alternative to X (formerly Twitter). That said, X still feels much more live to me; Threads has a ways to go to capture the immediacy that X / Twitter is famous for. (Not forcing the For You feed would help a lot!)

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