TikTok Is Turning Kris Jenner Into The New Rick Astley Thanks To Viral Trend

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Reality prima Kris Jenner announced she was moving for president connected Thursday but TikTok users knew she truly didn’t mean it.

The announcement was portion of a viral inclination wherever users insert a clip of Jenner singing and dancing with substance declaring the spectator got “krissed.”

The inclination is akin successful quality to the earlier net fad of “rickrolling,” wherever net users inserted clips of vocalist Rick Astley.

Jenner’s inclination features a 2012 video of her singing and dancing on to “Lady Marmalade” and its TikTok tag has videos with implicit 615 cardinal views, arsenic of Friday morning.

The Jenner inclination has go a smash deed with TikTok users “who apt person ne'er heard of the rickroll phenomenon,” Bustle reported, and has caused students to “kriss” each different astatine a precocious school.

Jenner took portion successful the inclination connected Thursday erstwhile she announced however “excited” she was astir moving for president successful 2024.

The announcement, however, turned retired to beryllium phony aft her TikTok included the viral clip of her dancing.

Jenner’s “krissed” acknowledgment comes aft 1 TikTok declared that Jenner herself wanted to “stop each the krissing” accumulated implicit 1.7 cardinal views

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