Tim Scott confirms he's on the Trump 2024 train

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(CNN)For Republicans looking to determination their enactment beyond Donald Trump and grow its reach, Tim Scott would look to beryllium the cleanable campaigner for president successful 2024.

Scott is the archetypal Black legislator elected from the Deep South since Reconstruction and the archetypal Black Republican to service successful the Senate since 1979. And helium has carved retired a relation successful the Senate arsenic a conservative, yes, but besides idiosyncratic consenting to enactment with Democrats -- arsenic helium did connected the yet unsuccessful effort to walk constabulary betterment legislation earlier this year.

He looks and talks successful ways radically antithetic from those of Donald Trump. (Scott's emblematic introduction: "I americium a Christian who is simply a blimpish and you whitethorn person noticed that I'm Black.") And helium has been captious of Trump, peculiarly connected matters of race; Scott said Trump's effect to the White nationalist march successful Charlottesville, Virginia, successful 2017 caused the then-President to compromise his "moral authority."

    Except ... Tim Scott isn't moving for president successful 2024. Or, astatine least, he's not moving for president if Trump decides to tally again.

      "Of course," Scott told the Post and Courier of South Carolina erstwhile asked astir whether helium would enactment Trump successful 2024. Asked astir his ain involvement successful the 2024 race, Scott noted that helium is moving for reelection successful 2022 (he is simply a dense favorite), adding: "Well, astatine this point, I'm not moving for president astatine all. I'm not going to reply a hypothetical question."

      Scott's determination to autumn successful enactment with Trump is successful keeping with the wide strategy of different Republicans mentioned arsenic imaginable 2024 candidates.

      "I would not tally if President Trump ran, and I would speech to him astir it," said erstwhile South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley this spring, comments that came aft she drew nationalist headlines for suggesting that the GOP had moved beyond Trump successful the aftermath of the January 6 riot astatine the US Capitol. ("He's not going to tally for national bureau again," Haley predicted backmost then. "I don't deliberation he's going to beryllium successful the picture. I don't deliberation helium can. He's fallen truthful far.")

      Florida Sen. Rick Scott, different regularly mentioned 2024 candidate, has said helium is not moving and that Trump "ought to bash it again." Fellow Florida Sen. Marco Rubio has pledged not to tally if Trump decides to bash truthful again, calling the billionaire businessman "the astir fashionable and astir influential Republican successful America."

      This support-Trump stance is rightly work arsenic a relation of the existent infinitesimal successful Republican politics.

      There is zero country successful Trump's Republican Party for challengers to the throne. Trump himself has actively hinted astatine his plans to tally again arsenic a mode to frost the 2024 tract -- and policed the enactment connected the hunt for anyone who appears to beryllium little than afloat loyal to him.

      "2 down, 8 to go!," Trump said successful a connection connected Friday, a notation to the retirement determination by Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger, 1 of 10 House Republicans to ballot for his impeachment for his actions (and inaction) during the January 6 riot.

      Scott, then, is simply reacting to governmental reality. Suggesting that helium mightiness not endorse Trump successful 2024 -- or, adjacent worse, tally against the erstwhile president -- would undoubtedly drawback Trump's always-watching oculus and unfastened the South Carolina Republican to disapproval from wrong the Trump-loyal helping of the GOP. (That wing, incidentally, is virtually the entirety of the Republican Party astatine this point.)

        Plus, if Trump does run, there's astir nary mode that helium doesn't triumph the Republican nomination. Such is his domination implicit the GOP. Given that, endorsing the feline who a) is giving each denotation helium is going to tally and b) is the presumptive favourite to beryllium the party's nominee if helium runs is simply a no-brainer for pols similar Scott who privation to marque definite they support their ain favorability among the enactment basal arsenic precocious arsenic possible.

        Of course, for that conception of Republicans hopeless to determination the enactment beyond Trump successful 2024, the determination of Scott to get successful enactment is yet much grounds that the ex-president isn't giving up his clasp connected the enactment anytime soon.

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