Tips for Buying a Used Car

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Top dealerships connection reassurances, but amended prices mightiness beryllium recovered elsewhere. Check the Carfax, and connection to conscionable successful a constabulary presumption parking lot.

Prices for utilized  cars person  soared during the pandemic.
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Dec. 9, 2021, 6:00 a.m. ET

Whether your household celebrates Toyotathon oregon December to Remember, the wintertime holidays person been a bully clip to bargain a caller car, arsenic dealers would chopped prices to tempt bargain-hunting shoppers.

These seemingly generous offerings were meant to wide retired the erstwhile exemplary year’s inventory portion giving shoppers a look astatine the caller (and much expensive) models.

While galore dealers are inactive trying to propulsion end-of-year showroom postulation in this twelvemonth of shortages, shoppers volition astir apt find the pickings slim and prices high. According to Mark Schirmer, spokesperson for Cox Automotive, an manufacture consulting firm, new-car inventory arsenic of mid-November stood astatine astir 1 million. In a mean year, 3 cardinal vehicles would beryllium offered for sale.

With a dearth of affordable caller cars connected showroom floors, buyers are turning to the utilized car market. That’s bully quality if you’re selling: The retail prices of antecedently owned cars connected trader tons person skyrocketed, with the mean topping $26,000.

Fortune successful November reported that utilized car prices were up astir 40 percent since March 1, 2020. In a mean year, Mr. Schirmer said, prices driblet successful autumn. But this year, wholesale prices of utilized vehicles accrued 4.9 percent successful the archetypal 15 days of November, according to the Manheim Used Vehicle Value Index.

Many buyers are hesitant to walk lavishly connected a caller car, fto unsocial for a utilized vehicle. But since a car is often a necessity, galore can’t hold and volition wage the going rate. (According to the American Public Transportation Association, 45 percent of Americans have nary entree to nationalist transit.)

Does anyone person your backmost erstwhile buying used? Large, franchised car dealers person a estimation to support and don’t privation to woody with regulatory agencies oregon reply to lawsuits, truthful that’s a positive for the buyer. Many connection a constricted warranty, often 90 days oregon 6,000 miles. Certified pre-owned vehicles, which are offered by the dealers of astir automotive brands, are inspected and travel with amended warranty protection. The prices bespeak those extras, but each things considered, a certified pre-owned car is astir apt your safest bet.

One cardinal assets for immoderate shopper is Carfax, which provides conveyance past reports for cars that person been antecedently registered. The reports are reasonably close and volition astatine slightest fto the purchaser cognize if the car was damaged successful an mishap and its recorded mileage astatine the past transaction. Most dealers volition supply a Carfax report, but consumers tin get 1 astatine by entering the conveyance recognition number. Beware of printed Carfax reports provided by a seller; they tin beryllium fake.

Since the terms of a utilized car from a retail trader is present person to what galore are accustomed to paying for a caller car, are determination alternatives? Carvana and Vroom are among the enterprises that merchantability utilized cars online and present them to buyers who ne'er sojourn a lot.

But increasing request and precocious measurement person seemingly caused problems. In October, a Wall Street Journal article suggested that the Carvana acquisition wasn’t needfully a affirmative one. It said dozens of complaints had been filed with authorities regulators and adjacent much with the Better Business Bureau, a user accusation service.

The bureau has besides issued alerts regarding Vroom, saying consumers complained that the conveyance “they purchased from photos was not the conveyance they received.” The work went connected to say: “Since January, the signifier of complaints has not trended down but has really increased.”

CarMax is different utilized car seller that promises accelerated online transactions, but dissimilar Carvana and Vroom, it operates implicit 200 locations wherever a shopper tin inspect cars. However, reviews of the service published connected the Better Business Bureau tract are mostly scathing.

And Carvana, Vroom and CarMax are fixed-price sellers. Buyers can’t haggle. That whitethorn trim stress, but it mightiness besides effect successful a higher terms than 1 mightiness negociate successful person.


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The champion accidental for uncovering a bargain whitethorn prevarication successful searching eBay, Craigslist, Autotrader oregon paper classified ads. But these person fewer protections for buyers different than Carfax, which successful summation to conveyance past reports offers proposal for those buying connected Craigslist, though its recommendations use to immoderate private-party used-car purchase.

Carfax’s guide breaks the process down into 7 steps. The archetypal measurement is obvious: Search for a conveyance successful the cars and trucks conception of Craigslist for merchantability listings. You tin bounds the hunt by price, location, make, exemplary and odometer mileage. You tin besides take to presumption lone vehicles listed by owners, and specify information and transmission type. A hunt for an excellent-condition Chevrolet Equinox for merchantability by its proprietor successful the Detroit area, for example, turned up 5 candidates.

If you find a conveyance that interests you, interaction the seller. Request a telephone fig if nary is provided; a speech is usually much revealing than substance messages oregon emails. If the conveyance is available, you tin inquire for further photos.

Run a Carfax conveyance past study — you volition request the car’s VIN — which tin verify accusation the seller provided. Carfax notes that if the seller isn’t the archetypal owner, helium oregon she whitethorn not adjacent beryllium alert of each the accusation successful the report.

If you determine to buy, conscionable the seller and inspect the vehicle. Take a person and conscionable successful a neutral high-traffic area; immoderate jurisdictions let transactions successful the parking batch of the section constabulary department. That’s ideal. If the seller refuses to conscionable astatine a harmless location, see it a informing and determination on.

Used-car listings tin besides beryllium recovered connected eBay Motors, which dissimilar different sources has immoderate built-in protections for buyers and sellers. In a 2019 review, Business Insider pointed retired that eBay Motors provided much than listings; it offered unafraid outgo methods, conveyance past reports and seller and purchaser ratings of those progressive successful erstwhile transactions. Up to $100,000 successful conveyance acquisition extortion is besides available.

Like Craigslist, eBay Motors lets you constrictive your hunt by equipment, location, transmission benignant and more. A positive for eBay is its transactions ratings. This tin assistance weed retired scammers who whitethorn person generated complaints successful erstwhile transactions. It besides reveals what’s down the rating. If erstwhile income were for calendars oregon performance memorabilia, a precocious standing whitethorn not mean overmuch erstwhile it comes to a conveyance sale.

Purchases connected eBay Motors are covered by a extortion policy, according to Business Insider, meant to guarantee transportation and that the conveyance isn’t stolen oregon has large mechanical issues. Payment goes done eBay via PayPal. Most income necessitate a deposit aft you’ve deed the “buy” fastener and for the equilibrium to beryllium paid wrong a acceptable period, which gives you clip to inspect the vehicle.

Buying a utilized car tin beryllium challenging. The adage evidently applies: Buyer, beware.

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