Toddler goes home for the first time since birth

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ROUND LAKE, Ill. (WLS) -- Ronald McDonald House Chicago had been location to 2-year-old Abby and her family, but Wednesday she got to really spell home.

The toddler has a bid of aesculapian issues, immoderate she has had since earlier birth.

With country and attraction astatine Lurie Children's Hospital and a transitional enactment astatine the Ronald McDonald House Almost Home Kids Program, she is capable to permission and yet spell location for the archetypal clip since she was born.

"I tin accidental I've gained different family, it's been fantastic being here," said Abby's mother, Kaitlynn Cox.

While Abby was getting care, her parent stayed astatine Ronald McDonald House, wherever Cox has lived for 721 days - the longest enactment astatine the facility.

"They've been truthful supportive successful truthful galore ways with maine being capable to travel and enactment each different weekend," said Abby's grandmother, Carrie Chesters. "I've had a spot to stay."

"In this case, it has been truthful agelong and truthful challenging for them to get to the constituent wherever they tin depart arsenic a household unit. It is truthful special," said Lisa Mitchell with the Ronald McDonald House of Chicago.

"We've enjoyed our enactment present but present we get to unrecorded our lives extracurricular of the city. It's going to beryllium amazing, I'm truthful excited," Cox said.

The time marks the archetypal clip Abby volition spot her location successful Round Lake.

"It's terrifying and excited astatine the aforesaid clip due to the fact that we are liable for keeping this small miss alive. Being connected a ventilator, that's thing that's precise intimidating," Chesters said

"We did person immoderate scary moments but she is proving everybody wrong," Cox added. "It's been a agelong travel and I deliberation it's conscionable the beginning."

"Now we get to commencement this caller section and I can't wait! I'm looking guardant to each of it," Chesters said.

They anticipation she volition get stronger and yet beryllium capable to respire without assistance, arsenic good arsenic larn to walk.

For now, however, Abby inactive requires 24 hours care, and her household and nurses volition enactment her successful her ain home.

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