Tom Brady hails Aaron Rodgers as an 'amazing player' before the two go head-to-head

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(CNN)Tom Brady has said helium "love(s)" watching Aaron Rodgers play up of the 2 seasoned quarterbacks facing each different connected Sunday.

It volition beryllium the 3rd clip since signing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that Brady has gone head-to-head with Rodgers, with the Bucs defeating the Green Bay Packers successful the teams' 2 erstwhile meetings -- including successful the 2021 NFC Championship.

"He's an astonishing player, has been for a agelong time," Brady told reporters erstwhile asked astir facing Rodgers, with whom helium partnered connected the play people earlier this twelvemonth for The Match.

    Tom Brady throws tablet to ground, progressive   successful  scuffle successful  nervy Bucs win

    "I emotion watching him play, and he's from California, too, truthful I consciousness similar we ever person a small spot of a connection.

      "He's an older feline now. He's been a large subordinate successful the aforesaid spot for a agelong time. There decidedly are immoderate challenges with that, but he's navigated them beauteous good and has done a large job, leads the team. They've won a batch of games since he's been there."

      Brady's Tampa Bay is 2-0 connected the season, mostly acknowledgment to the team's beardown defense, having recorded wins against the Dallas Cowboys and the New Orleans Saints astatine the commencement of the 2022 NFL season.

      Even though results person gone his way, Brady has hinted that he's "close to the end" of his NFL vocation having already returned from status earlier this year.

        Earlier this week, Brady besides revealed helium had fixed his 7 Super Bowl title rings -- six of which he's won with the New England Patriots -- to a person who was arranging for them to beryllium displayed astatine a depository successful Qatar during the 2022 World Cup.

        Brady said connected his 'Let's Go!' podcast connected Monday, "I gave them [the 7 rings] to a person of excavation who sent them truthful they tin bask them successful a depository successful Qatar. Fans and tourists volition beryllium capable to bask them during the World Cup."

          Asked astir it further connected Thursday, Brady told reporters: "I had visited Qatar a mates of times and truly enjoyed it. There's a large sports depository there.

          "I wanted to let a batch of the radical that are going to beryllium determination to beryllium capable to spot American shot and the interaction it's had connected each of our lives and however large of a athletics it is. For them to spot benignant of what we play for, I thought, would beryllium a truly chill thing."

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