Tom Hardy makes surprise appearance at martial arts tournament

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(CNN)Tom Hardy's resumé is filled with high-intensity scenes, from taking connected Batman arsenic Bane, to being a big for alien symbiote Venom and playing the titular relation successful post-apocalyptic movie "Mad Max: Fury Road."

Now, the blockbuster prima tin adhd martial arts champion to his database of action-packed accolades.

The 45-year-old English histrion won golden astatine the 2022 UMAC Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Open Championships connected Saturday aft softly entering the competition, organizers told CNN.

    In a connection posted connected his verified Instagram relationship this week, Hardy said: "Simple training, for maine (as a hobby and a backstage emotion ) has been fundamentally cardinal to further make a deeper consciousness of interior resilience, calm and good being. I can't accent the value it has had and the interaction connected my beingness and my chap squad mates."

      Hardy said it was an grant to correspond non-profit enactment REORG, which works with veterans, progressive subject and archetypal responders to usage Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and fittingness grooming arsenic a signifier of therapy.

      Tom Hardy took golden  successful  the competition.

      While bystanders and different competitors were near stunned erstwhile Hardy turned up astatine the schoolhouse hallway successful Milton Keynes, England, organizers said helium was simply "keeping his word."

      Mohamed Itoumaine, a referee and spokesperson for the tournament's organizer, Ultimate Martial Arts Championships, told CNN connected Wednesday that Hardy had agreed to instrumentality portion successful the contention pursuing his low-key quality astatine the REORG Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship past month. Itoumaine was a referee astatine the earlier tourney successful Wolverhampton.

        "I was truly excited and impressed due to the fact that helium told maine astatine the title that 'I'm coming to yours next' and kept his word," Itoumaine said."It is precise hard to get a celebrated idiosyncratic to travel to a section contention due to the fact that their schedules are truthful busy."

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        Itoumaine said UMAC kept the Hollywood star's attendance quiescent to debar adding immoderate unit connected Hardy up of the competition.

        And erstwhile Hardy arrived, helium made definite to deliver. Itoumaine said Hardy dominated his part and qualified done stages earlier taking location the apical prize.

        Images posted connected societal media show a victorious Hardy holding his certificate made retired to his existent sanction "Edward Hardy."

        "[Hardy] is simply a legit bluish belt. I person implicit 10 years of acquisition arsenic a ref and aft I archetypal saw him vie astatine the REORG championship, I knew helium would smash it astatine my competition," Itoumaine said.

          "It takes dedication and hard enactment to scope that level. He is technically, physically, and mentally skilled. He is idiosyncratic that wants to triumph successful the champion imaginable way, which is making his hostile taxable and pat out."

          Itoumaine, a second-degree achromatic loop successful Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, said helium plans to clasp much competitions adjacent twelvemonth and hopes the prima volition participate further tournaments.

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